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  1. Hi everyone, Im a new chi entusiast

    Hi ChiDumbass welcome to the forum
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    Hello Mrwawa welcome aboard
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    Hi everyone Three Pines here, I have been interested in spirituality for as long as i can remember. In the past I've practiced yoga, tantra, etc all sorts of things. I settled on qigong and recently picked up Michael Winns qigong basics dvds/audio and have been trying to make heads and tails of them. I am enjoying the inner smile practice. I live in rural Australia so attending workshops is beyond my means unfortunately. The HealingTaoUsa forum is pretty quiet and I would really love to just connect with other qigong practitioners, talk practices and be able to ask questions! Anyway that's a brief "me" its nice to meet everyone and thank you for the warm welcome Regards, Three Pines