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  1. tarot decks

    I always watch the deck review videos on youtube ~ I won't even buy a deck until I've seen every last card in the deck . youtube is the best place to find a deck
  2. trigrams and colors

    here's another example
  3. Circle walking

    I walk the circle two and a half hours a day 6 days a week holding energy postures ~ I've been doing it for 6 years
  4. trigrams and colors

    so you use different baguas for different purposes so I guess the colors would keep changing ~ I really don't know what to think about it I just like being able to read the hexagrams from the taiji symbol with the colors assigned to the trigrams
  5. Tarot or I Ching

    I use tarot decks I ching oracle decks rune decks and other various oracle decks they are all magic
  6. Grimoire

    nice grimoire
  7. trigrams and colors

    the tao oracle is an I ching book that assignes colors to trigrams
  8. trigrams and colors

    I didn't know about that ~ I want to use the correct colors ~ I just don't know what they are ~ it would be nice if there were colors assigned originally so there won't be all of the confusion from everyone using different colors there should be a system already in place that is the same all over the world ~ ( I would think ) are you talking about this ? because it's not trigrams ~ you would have to help me see the light because I am lost in the confusion of it all
  9. trigrams and colors

    okay ~ I guess I'll stay with the colors I'm using now I got them from this Oracle ~ I think it's ingenious how she made a picture for each trigram ~ also I don't even need to see a hexagram ~ all I need to see is what color is on top of what color in the yin yang symbol there is a yin yang symbol at the top of each card I guess that also means I have the freedom to assign my own colors if I want to here is an example of someone else using different colors
  10. trigrams and colors

    I am about to start a project and I need to associate colors with the trigrams I am using a system that has assigned the following colors to the trigrams ======================================= heaven ~ white earth ~ black fire ~ yellow water ~ blue wind ~ jade green thunder ~ red lake ~ pink mountain ~ dark green ====================================== so before starting my project I wanted to double check the colors online to make sure that they are the correct colors ~ but online everyone is using different colors Does anyone know what the correct colors are
  11. I respectfully request A personal practice discussion thread please
  12. HI - I'm new

    looking forward to studying & learning here.