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  1. Hi! For example: 混元派 Hunyuan pai 尹喜派 Yin Xi pai 少陽派 Shaoyang pai 正陽派 Zhengyang pai 純陽派 Chunyang pai 海蟾劉祖派 Haichan Liu zu pai 重陽派 Chongyang pai 隨山派 Suishan pai 南無派 Nanwu pai 遇山派 Yushan pai 華山派 Huashan pai 山派 Yushan pai 清靜派 Qingjing pai 金山派 Jinshan pai 金輝派 Jinhui pai 閻祖派 Yan zu pai 嶗山派 Laoshan pai 清微派 Qingwei pai 又二茅派 you Er Mao pai 靜一派 Jingyi pai 高上派 Gaoshang pai 天師清微派 Tianshi Qingwei pai 天師正乙派 Tianshi Zhengyi pai 張真人正乙派 Zhang zhenren Zhengyi pai 天師張真人正乙派 Tianshi Zhang zhenren Zhengyi pai 天師張道陵真人正乙派 Tianshi Zhang Daoling zhenren Zhengyi pai 天師分支尹喜派 Yin Xi pai 真武玄武派 Zhenwu Xuanwu pai 呂祖天仙派 Lü zu Tianxian pai 天仙派 Tianxian pai 呂祖蓬萊派 Lü zu Penglai pai 葛真君天台派 Ge Zhenren Tiantai pai 許真君淨明派 Xu zhenjun Jingming pai 果老祖師雲陽派 Guolao zushi Yunyang pai 鐵拐祖師雲虛派 Tieguai zushi Yunxu pai 何仙姑雲霞派 He Xiangu Yunxia pai 曹國舅金丹派 Cao Guojiu jindan pai 曹仙姑清靜派 Cao Xiangu Qingjing pai 樵陽真人玉線派 Qiao Yang zhenren Yuxian pai 老華山派 Laohua shan pai 周祖靈寶派 Zhou zu Lingbao pai 周祖鐵冠派 Zhouzu Tieguan pai 徐復陽祖師鶴山派 Xu Fuyang zushi Heshan pai 鶴山派 Heshan pai 自然派 Ziran pai 三豐祖師自然派 Sanfeng zushi Ziran pai 三豐派 Sanfeng pai 三豐祖師日新派 Sanfeng zushi Rixin pai 日新派 Rixin pai 三豐祖師蓬萊派 Sanfeng zushi Penglai pai 天仙派 Tianxian pai 薩真君西河派 Sa zhenjun Xihe pai 薩祖派 Sa zu pai 龍門華山派 Longmen Huashan pai 邱祖又派 Qiu zu you pai 郝祖岔派 Hao zu chapai 五祖岔支崑山派 Wuzu zhazhi Kunshan pai 先天派 Xiantian pai 本山派 Benshan pai 棲安派 Qi’an pai Dwelling in Tranquility Branch 紫陽派 Ziyang pai 霍山派 Huoshan pai 御制九宮山派 Yuzhi Jiugong shan pai 彭祖真空派 Peng zu zhengong pai 廣慧派 Guanghui pai Here are some examples. I am quite sure that many of these branches will be extinct, some of them hundreds of years ago. However I would like to have access to written information or websites about branches that are still active, regardless of whether they belong to this group or not. That's it Thank you!
  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your help. As far as I can see, the examples you refere are more related to physical practices, chi gong and similar activities. I was thinking more like for example Eva Wong Xiantianwujimen lineage, and potential schools derived from quanzhen and zhengyi, or maybe other surviving and almost forgotten schools today. For example the COMPREHENSIVE REGISTER OF THE LINEAGES AND BRANCHES OF THE REALIZED ONES (Zhuzhen zongpai zongbu 諸真宗派總簿) makes reference of several sects that I cannot find information about. Thank you so much.
  3. Dear friends, I would like to know if your familiar with (and have information about) non-traditional sects. I am referring to modern or lesser known sects and if you have reference websites or textual material that you can refer me to to analyze. I am familiar with the various traditional schools and one or another recent school, but would I would like to broaden my knowledge in this regard. Thank you so much! Best wishes. João
  4. Hi!

    Hi! Dear friends, I'm here hoping to share what I know about taoism, even though my knowledge is eternally limited, and also to question so many other things that go beyond that knowledge. My main interest areas are related to scripture study, taoist and buddhist tales, meditation practices, and alchemy. Thank you so much.