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    Thanks for the link. Nothing as exotic as Kiswahili, just the first two letters of each of my three names joined as one. The questions I have concerning Flying Phoenix include exercise specific movements or position (monk splashes water, jade emperor lifts golden pagoda) and general chi gung principles. (1) When practicing "monk splashes water" as the arms/hands separate to the sides, should there be a feeling expansion to the collarbone area and a feeling of contraction of the shoulder blades, or should it be a case of finding the least tension front and back? (2) In general what is the distribution of weight on the foot between the heel and the ball of the foot? (3) When practicing "jade emperor lifts golden pagoda," should the weight distribution between legs change or remain 50/50? (4) In general how much does one rely on personal internal feedback as opposed to mimicry of visual info from dvd etc.? An example for me would be the options in "jade emperor lifts golden pagoda." As the single arm extends outward and downward there is an angle that produces the least tension in the body. Do I use this trajectory or do I try to approximate what I see? Thanks for the opportunity. miwizi
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    Hi N- Same line, but Hohan Soken to Fuse Kise. However, kata most similar to that done in our dojo was under Chotoku Kyan/Matsubayashi Ryu. Are you a Flying Phoenix practitioner? I am hoping to extract more details on this system from this site. Best wishes. m
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    I am a long time martial artist. My first art is Shorin Ryu karate. Began practicing some internal work with Flying Phoenix chi gung, Chen style reeling silk and taiji about ten/twelve years ago. I would like to access more details of the Flying Phoenix system and have many questions concerning details of the various postures. Ultimately, I want to integrate as much of the internal work as I can into my earlier hard style. Thanks.