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  1. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Absolutely! My significant other has you beat on this – she is just as insistent on including a Chinese translation. Which is natural given our Chinese background. Thanks for sharing the context of DDJ in China today, it's good to be aware of this. This gives me the idea to possibly add a "Try another interpretation" button to the app for the user to tap if the current translation missed by a mile. I have definitely seen some translations go to extreme levels of vagueness . Comparisons might be interesting.
  2. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Moment, thank you so much for the words of inspiration!!! There is one thing us youth are guaranteed to lack and that is true wisdom from experience . Something certainly needed in the app / tech world today.
  3. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    As someone to happens to enjoy the presence of cats –– I can't help but notice there are many cat enthusiasts here. Coincidence?
  4. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Ha, uncarved block? Curious where this visual is coming from. I will try to release it within the next 7 days and report back with a link! But in the meantime here is the initial loading screen as a teaser. https://imgur.com/a/RJqjcJC
  5. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Interesting perspectives vonkrankenhaus and Lost in Translation – I like the idea of connecting dots on related concepts! What other sources would you like to see more of out there and why? I'm only really aware of TTC.
  6. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    A lovely idea! Reading archaic words can cause one to feel like banging their head on the wall. Experience and cultural awareness from a Daoist priest can aid people's understanding. Perhaps I would add a 5 minute timer before folks are allowed to read the "Daoist Priest Commentary" – my hope is that people ideally spend 10 minutes total on each passage – 2 to read it, 3 to ponder it, and 5 more to re-read and re-ponder it.
  7. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Thanks Fa Xin, It's my pleasure to meet you! Looking forward to joining the discussion
  8. Hi all! Really looking forward to chatting with you guys soon. To give a quick bio about myself, I am a creative tech developer based in Los Angeles. I'm looking to learn more about how you guys perceive the Dao De Ching to be and also looking for perspective on a Dao De Ching app that I'm going to make available to the public soon for free to spread the wisdom of Lao Tzu. I really want Daoist enthusiasts to enjoy using it as well as people who wouldn't otherwise known about Daoism to really enjoy it.