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    Hello all! Not sure how this site works quite yet, but I've been told I must make a post here. What led me to this site was reading about monatomic gold. I've grown to distrust its promotion. Someone on this site had made a post asking about it, so I made an account in order to put in my two cents. I'll go do that after this introductory post. I'm Chad, I'm almost 25, and I'm on a spiritual journey. One thing I can say for sure is that suffering is a surefire way to become acquainted with spiritual truths. It will humble you and allow you to appreciate the little things in life that you didn't before. Music is my passion, and I hope to gain back the creative genius that I feel I've lost over the years. The beautiful melodies that once arose from my subconscious no longer grace me with their presence. I'm on a mission to hopefully rediscover within myself the source of this musical creativity. I'm sure it has just been buried by the stress placed on me by this world. I'm going to dig it back up. Much love to all of you.