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  1. Hello, I'd like to ask about the Ba Gua mirrors and the trigram sequencing. I have found 1 ba gua mirror type that has inverted trigrams at the NE, NW, SE and SW sectors. See pictures What I mean is the upper 2 , either side of the top trigram (3 solid lines) are switched round. Just as the lower 2 , either side of the lower trigram (3 broken lines) are as switched as well. They are all the 'early heaven' type ba gua mirrors. Not the 'later heaven' type. Can anyone with proper knowledge explain why ? Reason I ask is. If i buy one to put over my front door. It has to be the right one. Thanks
  2. Ba Gua Trigram Decipher

    Hello all New member to the forum site. My post is about how to decipher the Ba Gua trigram configuration. If anyone can explain, I am interested to hear from you. I attach a picture, if anyone can explain.