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  1. Living Anandamayi Ma Disciples

    Such a presence indeed! About six months ago I was scrolling through photos of her, and her eyes on one photo sent a shock throughout my body. Her presence is still with us today very much. I hope you liked the book. I always get the impression that her teachings come from her own realization. For so many people I feel they are just repeating what they've been taught or heard elsewhere. Maybe this is the mark of a true Saint.
  2. Does anyone on here know of any disciples of Anandamayi Ma that openly teaches, or is taking disciples? Preferably in America. I feel such devotion for her and like she is continuously trying to call me towards her. Thank you
  3. Hello from Tesla

    Hello this is my intro post to say hello to the community. I am a practitioner of Kriya mainly, and I am interested in deepening my understanding of it here. As well as other philosophies. My first spiritual practices a few years ago were Zen. Thank you