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    G'Day All, I am never very good at these introductory post, so bear with me. Ever since i was 15 years old (now 31) i have been lucky enough to know an outstanding teacher of Northern Wu Style Tai Chi 83 long form, which was one of many arts taught by this teacher here in Australia. Being young and naive at the time, little did i realize the power and benefits of the arts when practiced and refined over the long term. I was consistent and devoted for a long time, until it no longer became a lifestyle and other things took its place. Now fast forward 16 years, after letting bad habits and bad choices cloud my judgement during my mid twenties, finally my body and mind has had enough, it started yearning for me to get back to the lifestyle i used to live. So reaching out to my teacher again who has now retired from his daily job, he has now informed me ,he will be retiring from teaching all arts as of June this year. My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach, what a fool i was wasting time doing stuff which was not beneficial to my mental and physical health, only when it was too late did the dots connect. Better late than never i thought, so i have joined Dao Bums to talk to like minded individuals and see if i can connect with people from Australia. The lineage taught by this teacher, i have searched low and high in Australia and he is the only one i can find so far.