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  1. Hello, I am redstratus :)

    Hello @redstratus I love those topic What is your experience with Spring Forest Qigong?
  2. How to become less blind

    These are very good points. Thank you for bringing them out!
  3. How to become less blind

    Hello Pilgrim Re-reading them I see that I failed to transmit my thoughts on the topic. I have nothing personal against Yogananda, Shibendu, etc. I'm really sorry if you felt that I was picking on your teacher, that was not my intention. My point is that I have read many biographies of different masters and gurus and -silly me- I tended to believe those stories to the letter... I know, my mistake! In my daily life I usually believe in the honesty of everybody until they prove me wrong. That's why after many cases of teachers from different lineages abusing their students one way or another I can't help but feel completely dissapointed and sad. I know that human being is not perfect; I had to learn that masters and gurus aren't closer to perfection either... I'm in the process now to understand that even those so-called divine immortal beings who have transcended the material world (if they really exist) and come "down here" to teach us through a certain teacher (not naming anyone) are not free from flaws either... Thank you for your posts.
  4. How to become less blind

    That's is what I talked about in my last post
  5. How to become less blind

    Hi Pilgrim Yes, I understand that depending on the student the teachers need to explain the same topic in different ways, different techniques, etc, but in the case of Yogananda (and always according to what I've read from former students of this SRF, I have no experience with them whatsoever), his kriya yoga left a lot to be desired. Ennio Nimis suffered a lot... this helped him to get out of the SRF and find the real Kriya Yoga, sure! But the purpose of Yogananda's mission in the West was to keep the vast mass happy with little bits of his master's teachings while giving a hard time to the students who wanted more?? Because Ennio not only experienced the rejection of his colleagues, he has also received attacks for making his story open to the public... And this happened not only to Ennio, but -like in every cult with brainwashed members- any student who dared to leave the SRF in those times. You will say: Oh, yes, but this happened after Yogananda 's pass away. Yes, but the how to administer the lessons, how to dosify them, how to keep certain things secret, etc. was planned with him alive supervising it. Oh, yes! Everything serves a purpose in this life... I guess terrorism, dictatorship, etc. also serve a purpose, but I can't feel it's right what they do to honest people... Do we need bad teachers, charlatans, etc to open our eyes and see the black and white in life? Sure! But once we discover the charlatans, shouldn't we keep them dismantle? I disagree here; if your product is poor or defective, just keep it to yourself... Unless you want to make money fooling everyone. Yes, I understand, and I've read about the purifying process taking one's mood to the ups and downs... But how long does this purifying process take? How long has Shibendu been practising? Don't the internal changes, the viewing life from a different perspective because of your spiritual experiences, etc. make you kinder to your fellow human brothers? Pilgrim, you are not the only one telling us about the roughness of Mr Shibendu, I read is somewhere else by different people... And I have nothing against him, but I like to see the facts as they are.
  6. The Magus of Seattle

    Very funny! Impressive views you have from the house, it looks a nice place to live in and to practice the internal arts.
  7. How to become less blind

    Sai Baba? The one who could materialise rolex watches and other jewellery out of the air? The one who was accused of abusing children and male adults with the excuse of massaging their genitals?
  8. How to become less blind

    So Yogananda's missions was to come to the West and let his master's teachings be transformed, adulterated into an useless cult? If Kriya Yoga is a set of purifying techniques ... if Shibendu Lahiri is a good Kriya Yoga teacher, how comes that he is still so easily angered? Doesn't Kriya Yoga help the practitioner with the control of their passions?
  9. How to become less blind

    Again, do you guys really think that this inmortal being really exists? There are many 'masters' out there teaching different kriyas and they all say they are in contact with Babaji. The last one is Sri M... And they teach visualization through certain nadis channels... Don't know what to think
  10. How to become less blind

    But does Yogananda's Babaji really exists?
  11. How to become less blind

    Haha, if you guys say this about yourselves you make me hopeful about my case
  12. How to become less blind

    Yes, I'm thinking of Yogananda right now... but yet... Should a master / teacher leave the great blind mass in the darkness?
  13. How to become less blind

    Hi Freeform, But if visualization is not the right way, and if "trying to get the feeling" through a certain energy passage / channel / meridian is not right either, what is correct the procedure to follow if one is looking for health, for improving the function in chakras, tan tiens, etc?
  14. How to become less blind

    Hi Steve, Do you mean Robert Bruce's N.E.W? Will some Spring Forest Qigong (or any other non-fighting qigong) do it? Anywhere in the belly? I mean: Some teachers talk about the area behind the navel; other says 2 inches beneath the navel... Does it really make any different?
  15. How to become less blind

    Hello Steve, Yes, I have found these exercises where one is asked to visualize or try to feel energy running through these nadis or qi-channels, chakras, dan-tiens, etc you talk about in many books and articles on Kriya Yoga, QiGong … Are these techniques really that harmful? When one is suppose “to feel” the lower or the upper dantien, the third eye… Is that dangerous also? BTW the link in your signature has been hacked?