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  1. How to become less blind

    Again, do you guys really think that this inmortal being really exists? There are many 'masters' out there teaching different kriyas and they all say they are in contact with Babaji. The last one is Sri M... And they teach visualization through certain nadis channels... Don't know what to think
  2. How to become less blind

    But does Yogananda's Babaji really exists?
  3. How to become less blind

    Haha, if you guys say this about yourselves you make me hopeful about my case
  4. How to become less blind

    Yes, I'm thinking of Yogananda right now... but yet... Should a master / teacher leave the great blind mass in the darkness?
  5. How to become less blind

    Hi Freeform, But if visualization is not the right way, and if "trying to get the feeling" through a certain energy passage / channel / meridian is not right either, what is correct the procedure to follow if one is looking for health, for improving the function in chakras, tan tiens, etc?
  6. How to become less blind

    Hi Steve, Do you mean Robert Bruce's N.E.W? Will some Spring Forest Qigong (or any other non-fighting qigong) do it? Anywhere in the belly? I mean: Some teachers talk about the area behind the navel; other says 2 inches beneath the navel... Does it really make any different?
  7. How to become less blind

    Hello Steve, Yes, I have found these exercises where one is asked to visualize or try to feel energy running through these nadis or qi-channels, chakras, dan-tiens, etc you talk about in many books and articles on Kriya Yoga, QiGong … Are these techniques really that harmful? When one is suppose “to feel” the lower or the upper dantien, the third eye… Is that dangerous also? BTW the link in your signature has been hacked?
  8. How to become less blind

    What book, school, etc would you suggest to start by?
  9. How to become less blind

    And wouldn't it be nice to know what's in one's cards to avoid wasting time in this life? I hate all this journey without a map! Nice post by the way
  10. How to become less blind

    Why is that?
  11. How to become less blind

    Hello guys, first of all, thank you all for your formative posts, I’m enjoying them and pondering on them very carefully. So meditation is the foundation and the key. Some of you talk about living in solitude but that’s not an option for me, nor is fleeing to the wilderness and living in a cave. I’m a layman with social responsibilities and I have nowhere to live but in a city. Are we seekers living in cities doomed? I understand the necessity of a spiritual master but if finding a real master in the world is difficult (as @GSmaster put it) imagine how hard is to find a half decent teacher in the city or even in the country one lives in. So the sources most of us can rely on are only books or on-line media like this forum. In other threads some members in this forum mentioned the book Awakening the Third Eye (available for free) by Samuel Sagan (Clairvision School). I read it a couple of years ago and I found it interesting, very down to earth. Any of you have an opinion on this book or school?
  12. How to become less blind

    Do you mean that any meditation practice, any internal work will do it?
  13. After talking about elementals and other beings... Ok, some of you see these invisible creatures; some of you see spirits, interact with them; some of you astral travel at will, talk to guides, visit other realms, etc. How can a 100% unsensitive-to-the-invisible person can become more sensitive to these other realities? That’s a genuine question, I’d like to change my perception of the world.
  14. That's what it was expected from the begining and I appreciate it Not unreceptive ... but you tend to be very 'prolific' in a single post (or even in a series of them in a row!) and that saturates our little minds
  15. I see... This world (visible and invisible) seems very complicated for a mortal's mind ... Thank you for your input