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  1. Hi all before you can discuss the best alchemy book a decision needs to be made what path of alchemy you want to work with. By this I mean the acetate path, cinnabar path, or antimony path in western study. My path as of now is the acetate path. On this there are a few books which I would recommend 1- Conserning the Secrets of the Adepts by J. Weidenfeld  2- Clavis Alchemie by S. Norton 

    3- Bosome Book by G. Ripley 4- Scala Philosophorum by Guido de Montanor.

    These would be my recommendations.

    Strength & Wisdom


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  2. Thanks for the welcome Fa Xin. Spagyrics are not that much different then herbalism. In spagyrics you are working with plants and taking them through a reincarnation to recreate a living medicine with an intelligence. Their use can be either medicinal or spiritual in nature. If you would like to know more visit my site at www

    thanks again

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  3. Hello my name is Paul and I have come to this forum to discuss the taoist work and texts on weigong. I am a practicing alchemist of western alchemy and spagyrics and have taken an interest in meditation qigong. I am interested in herbal formulas that were in use for meditation by the ancient weigong practice. I look forward to exchanging information and ideas about this taoist ancient practice.


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