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  1. Brainwave entrainment for Kunlun

    Wow! That was ultra intense! Thank you for sharing with us. I had such a deep and ecstatic practice that I thought that I may hurt something. Is there such a thing as too good? I would love to share this with some of my qigong and Kunlun friends. Thanks again and please share your new version when you get the chance!
  2. new member

    Hi everyone, I just met some members from the New Jersey Kunlun workshop and wanted to trade some notes from the weekend and keep in touch for future events. I am located in brooklyn, New York. I have practiced Budo Taijutsu, Yang style Tai Chi, and Wuming Qigong. I started with an external form and started moving inwards because that was where my practice took me. It is always great to share with like minded people. Fire Water