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  1. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    I will quote Gurudev as many followers of Guru Siyag and other Siddhas Guru have many expectations when they start the path and even later :
  2. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    Yes is exactly that what the student is ready to receive. Also seekers with a deep thirst for spiritual experience ( Anubhutis) read many books about the subject of yoga and when they start their practice of Siddha Yoga from Gurudev or even other Siddha Guru they begin to have high expectation of what they must experience. However according to the yogic tradition it is good to remember that such experiences are results of previous sadhana done during past lives. The spiritual experience doesn't follow a specific pattern and are different for each individual. That's why you can see someone having many kriyas, doing automatic pranayama/kechari mudras/asanas without have knowledge about them and other one don't have any of these experiences. This is the same for the energetic experience someone will feel tremendous energy current through the body and other one will not feel anything special at least during the first stages of the practices ( I think first month or year of daily practice) as pathway have to be clean before to be able to handle the kundalini. Siddha tradition is all about Kundalini and the different way to awaken and raise it into the narrow channel some path are based on difficult penance and exercise other are much more based on surrendering on the Guru and/or the Shakti within. The key of success is daily practice without expectation, only surrendering to the Guru without/within and soon or later you will feel a sudden unlocking of consciousness and other positive effect. It is just my thought about the Guru Siyag path and other Siddha Yoga from different lineage like those from Muktananda.
  3. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    In this trouble time people can try this meditation and see by themselves if this work or not, the Sanjeevani mantra given by Guru Siyag can help. There is no claim just try for example for 2 or 3 month and see what happen or not. But as I said in this tradition faith is very important as this is the key who open the door of the Guru inside. In the Case of Guru Siyag his form is just human body and this body has passed away however the Sadguru is eternal. In my case I have done meditation under the guidance of many Guru before to learn the Guru Siyag system, I had a lot of negativity towards him as I was not able to understand how such simple method is able to produce amazing result into the body first and then later on the spiritual level. Sometimes it can take time to see result saying 1 to 3 month depending on mental block, health issues and so on. After the gross part of the vehicle is balanced you start to have spiritual experience and at this stage the faith become bigger. The first obstacle is to listen the mental who says this is too simple it will not give result or to feel anything rating few weeks. Faith, devotion, and persistence are the key.
  4. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    Some point that I have observed : -The number of Falun Gong members exceeded the number of members of the Communist Party, which is considerable and therefore represents a danger for the totalitarian political authorities in place who accept no contradiction. -It is a movement without structure and therefore not subject to a hierarchy, administrative or otherwise, and devoid of financial contributions. When you usually go to a Qigong seminar you have to pay fee but no fee for Falun Gong teaching all are free and available. -The teaching of Falun Gong is fully available, everything is given, most of the other spiritual or high Qigong teacher only give one or two level to public. -For a practicer of other tradition it is easy to know that many deep teaching are into Falun Gong for example some teaching are link to the most deep Buddhist initiatory secret. -Practicer can confirm the presence of the wheel into the lower abdomen and the deep supernatural working of this wheel for their health, spiritual and material life. BUT Li Hongzhi has very controversial ideas and teachings for example about medicine and Extraterrestrial beings...Li Hongzhi also doesn't allow his student to practicer anything else than Falun Gong and to avoid alchemy.
  5. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    Ok I understand better your point of view, thank you for these quotes. I'm not a practicer of Falun Gong but interested by it.
  6. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    Yes Spiritual cultivation is about rgitheousness and humanity among other things. When I read the books everything is focused on Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Why the founder and Falun Gong are wrong for you? Some pepple think that Li Hongzhi is crazy for his insights and uncommon teaching, at the end only the personal experience of these teaching can give the answer. Spiritual cultivation must give result if done correctly according to the teaching or this is a waste of time. Everyone (excepted masters) on this forum seek truth a about qiqong, daoist teaching and masters, Guru and so on to avoid lost of time and efforts. Powers are just steps on the road to know that something has been attained not the final purpose. They can be used to help spiritual cultivation or they can be big obstacle it depends on the maturity of the practicer...
  7. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    Have you read the teaching and practiced this system? As I have said into another post the founder claim that someone with strong determination and regular practice will get healing of any ailments, protection against harmful influence, third eye opening, occult powers and ultimately immortal body. I dont have the quotes but you can find them on their website. This is very high claim and I would like to know what a true practicer have really gain from his Falung Gong practice because this is easy to be trapped into illusion for spiritual seeker who dont want only better health and energy but true spiritual evolution. I do some research about the subtle body creation so I have some interest about Falun Dafa. Vajra Fist have done this path during 10 years so his testimony has meaning for me. Thanks
  8. .

    See that, this guy seems to have some high level but I can be wrong. Let me know what do you think. He has several videos.
  9. Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    I have only one question for you: what is the true purpose of the Master Li Hongzhi? Make disciple or true enlightened being?
  10. Potent Systems

    What are the true benefits of the Falung Gong cultivation method ? I know that many claim are made much more than any other Qigong method as it it said that Falun Dafa help to attain occult powers and create the Immortal body. Also each practicer who genuinely do the practice is link to Li Hongzhi About the wheel(s):
  11. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    Even if you do mistakes with Gurudev ask him directly into the silence of your heart and he will answer you, be patient as often we need time to be able to hear the inner voice and many doubt can raise. I have been in this case in the past and strong doubt can lead disciple to stop his practice but don't be discouraged. This path is different from other, it is based on Guru Disciple tradition of a Nath Yogi lineage branch. It is a Siddha way mean perfect divine way to enlightenment. As western people we use the mind (mental sphere) all the time and have trouble with such simple teachings ( watching a video and then do the 15mn meditation). But don't do this mistakes the simple teaching of Guru Siyag lead to very deep even limitless knowledge who come not from books or teacher but directly from the Guru within, the more you practice the more the kundalini will work through you and expand her power over your whole life. Guru Siyag teach that all the disciple can help each other at the beginning stage but it is better to ask to him directly, the Guru is within us not outside. External Guru are transitory body. As you know the physical body of Gurudev has passed away but his Immortal Body is present everywhere for those who seek really him. Jai Gurudev !
  12. Potent Systems

    Regarding Kundalini and help about unlocking your energy pathway I can suggest few ideas. First a very good way is to practice Nyasa Yoga but this is beyond the scope of this forum.This method is an energetic yoga of internal purification and cultivation practice, it will clear and clear any obstruction into your energy body. There is much more to gain from it but I think that you will get great clearing results from this method. It is not overnight and will take time to work on each part of the body. More focused on Kundalin :you have write about a kundalini sound method so I can also suggest to look at the work of Kip Mazuy, it can sound to good to be true and many think that is not possible to send true Shakti ( Parashakti transmission) but try to listen the album Radiance or Pure with en empty mind and do the suggested practice ( pdf given with the album with exercise and advice). This method work very well for me at this time. I don't know how it is possible to transmit something like shakti sound but I can say that something very strong is transmitted from this album and other from Kip. This sound can help to clear also the energy pathway if listened on regular basis and doing some suggested practice ( meditation/pranayams mainly). In my case I have felt much more from these CD than direct/long distance transmission. Regarding experience of Sat Chit Ananda, it is possible through many ways depending on your inner structure some will work better than other. For example some people will never get benefits from Oneness Deeksha and other will have oneness during a one hour daily qi gong practice, it depends of many factors, past practice, inner state etc. The oneness deeksha is great, but as you know there is many more traditional deeksha who could have deeper effect on you because the Guru take in charge the process and do a cleansing, however it is difficult to find a genuine one. I have missed the Health series dvd from Carl Totton with the special Tai Chi Wand who is a great system a bit difficult to learn from dvd ( take 3 weeks for me but I'm a bit slow ). He is very good to send chi signal but this is something usually not know.
  13. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    Yes you dont need to do full lotus. Efforts made for activating the Serpent Power by following various paths are different from the siddha yoga tradition. There is different siddha yoga lineage. The Serpent Power (Kundalini) can be aroused by means of hatha yoga. In this yogic practice, various exercises like Pranayam Bandhas, Mudras and lotus padmasana are needed and are to be performed under the direct guidance of the guru to have success and avoid harmful effect. When the spiritual power is activated by a Siddha Guru through shaktipat ( shaktipat can be given through mantra or without it but in the lineage of Guru Siyag there is a mantra chant) it enters the sushumna nerve (nadi) and start to awaken the inner kundalini shakti, the initiated has to do nothing else than sitting in whatever posture and chant the mantra given focusing the image of the guru into ajna, from that it mays occurs automatic body posture, body movement and many others strange things who are in fact the shakti working into the body. During the daily life the sadhak keep mental chant until he attain the ajapa japa, automatic repetition. There is further steps by they are given directly through the daily meditation in a natural way. In my opinion Guru Siyag has attained something that is very rare nowadays a kind of high subtle body, this is a subject not openly explained and I think that only the meditation can allow to understand that without to use the mental game.
  14. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    I have received many shaktipat during the past 15 years and done the various sadhana without result and even worst getting some negative effect in my life and health. Most of Guru from which I have been disciple have learn many thing to me but they was not able to send a genuine transmission,. I have done the mistake to receive false transmission or incomplete one as many western people, also many guru ask high fee. When I have seen Gurudev on youtube ( Guru Siyag) for the first time I was very reluctant to receive such so called online deeksha, how it is even possible to receive a deeksha like that ? However I have watched first all the video and read his story on the website then tried and felt intense kriya after only 10mn of mantra chant then less need of sleep the night after the process. During few days I have felt an intense purification and re-balancing of my energy. I have followed the easy process of mental chant during daily life and 2 sessions of meditation each day. After only few days I have experienced the ajapa effect, the mantra has started to be repeated into me without any effort of mental chant. It was during the year 2017, I have emailed the Gurudev advanced disciple to know what to do and they have explained that is a natural process, I need only to focus on this ajapa sound until it transforms into something else. I have get more and more energy and bliss state since this time, I cant explain other spiritual experience as this is something very personal not to be share on a forum. Over the time I feel him as a protector guide who gives me deep inspiration. In my opinion this Guru is not only honest, he is a genuine siddha guru. I do also other practice but I try to not do too much in order to keep balanced between all that I do. I follow the rule of 2 meditation per day and mantra routine.
  15. Potent Systems

    Hello, I study several systems and need some month or years to go deeper into each of them, I try to not mix them because my test have prove that is counterproductive for most of qigong even if it is still possible to find a good combination on daily basis. Most of the qigong dvd offered are not produced by true lineage excepted few and among the best ones have already be given into this topic. I have myself found high value into the reading of each message here. As we speak about potent systems I think that Qinway Qigong dvd is powerful and effective as it is easy to do and send energy signal transmission to the practicer, it is called recharge qigong so it has a great value regarding health,rejuvenation, cleasing and activation of energy systems. It is also very good to add the yin yang tea for few month and perhaps to wear some energised items all the time like a pendant to keep the signal always near the body. Another one is Pangu who is very strange and very easy but has great effect if done everyday during at least 6 month in a row and I think that is good to read the 3 books about Pangu " The path of life" as it is a way to receive the energy transmission also the calligraphy of Master Ou give high value energy who help healing and spiritual awakening. Another form is Falun Gong but I cant say anything about it as I have choose to follow other path. Yan Xin qigong a great one and among the most advanced form need to receive energy activation from a recorded lecture of the NINE STEPS ( easily available at this time), great but need time and dedication. Fragrant Qigong is very potent system even at level 1 it can help health and spiritual evolution, at level 2 psychic/clairvoyance can occur. I think that is best to practice one session in the morning and another one during the evening without obsession. Master Tian family send Fragrant water empowerment everyday to help every practicer and even non practicer of Xiang gong. There is also the Quan Yin Magnetic Qigong from Wu Lao Xie who can be of great help. Recently I have also start to study the Gods Playing in the Cloud Qigong who seem to be a true lineage Qigong with a deep teaching. I dont know if there is other easy but really potent qigong out there but these ones have great value if done on daily basis. Also it can be good to try each of them during 3-6 month and write the feeling, experience, effect. Then after the testing process the best and wise way is to choose only one and stick to it. Tao Stilness have perhaps tried too much systems or from different tradition and have locked some energetic circuit into the body. I suggest to unlock them first before to do anything else. Perhaps a good master can do that for you. Eclair Blanc