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  1. I would like to share this link with you fellow tao bums you haven't already seen it.
  2. Oneness Centre

    more info on deeksha
  3. Full-Lotus

    Thanks, So I'm gathering from what you wrote that the active exercises would be more effective standing up.
  4. Full-Lotus

    Hey Drew, What are your thoughts on doing the active exercises in Full lotus?
  5. "Why do people experience nocturnal emission when engaged in these practices? It has been my experience that these practices at one stage will greatly increase the hormone levels within the corporeal body, and also for men, it causes a huge volume of reproductive fluids to be produced. " - Dao Zhen This has been my experience lately as I have intensified my practice. I knew there was a link but until now have never heard anything said of this. This will definitely help with the frustration that arises in the morning if I fail sublimate the energy before sleep. Thank you Dao Zhen for sharing your wisdom, you speak from a compassionate place beyond dry concepts, and to you others for your posts as well. Respectfully, provs
  6. Thank you Dao Zhen, I found what you wrote to be very insightful and in alignment with some thoughts that I've had about making improvements in my practice but have yet made the effort to put them fully into effect mostly out of laziness, being unclear about where my motives lie , and a lack of discipline around food. I will take what you wrote and put it into practice and check it against my results. "With time, all will become secure quite naturally". - I believe this to be true.
  7. I'll get right to the point here. If your sub-concious isn't "purified" or "reprogrammed" in a way to where your still having sexual dreams at night. Is it even possible to preserve your essence? Has anybody found any links between avoiding certain physical actions and reducing the sexual dream content besides the obvious (watching pornography, continuing sexual engagement, or daydreaming/talking about sex) A natural level of lucidity seems to be developing in my dreams when the time comes and I find my dream self attempting to use physical means to stop this but it just spills anyways. Another observation I've made is that the more I practice the less time there is between my nocturnal emissions. Thanks for your posts,
  8. punching in

    Greeting fellow Tao bums, New to Tao Bums, new to practice, and looking forward to learning and sharing. Thank you all for your posts I've found alot of the information on this board educational and inspirational.