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  1. Thanks for your explanation, but I still have questions remaining. In e.g. Wujishi Breathing Exercises, Cai Songfang writes When I stand higher the three points form a line, but when I lower and at the same time ensure that my knees remain at most as forward as my toes, then I need to lean a bit forward and my butt sticks out a little. In this position the three points are no longer on a line. I was wondering whether there is some generalization of the rule "all three points on a line" that applies when one sinks lower....
  2. When I sink deeper in Zhan Zhuang and keep my knees from extending forward beyond my toes I cannot maintain the 3 points in a line. What would you think is more important and why? How do others deal with this? Thanks in advance, Marko
  3. I saw a time lapse video recently of a guy holding the ball on YouTube and I liked the idea so much that I just had to do my own. ;-) It is faster by a factor 15.
  4. Zhan Zhuang alignment "rule"

    I experience this as a plane sloping downward to the front on which the upper chest slides a little forward and down of course. But as you said without a rounding of the upper back.
  5. I noticed that for the Wuji posture I find simple rules that captures the basic idea of alignment (three points in a line). When e.g. holding the balloon in front of my face, my body needs to be aligned differently. Does anyone have similarly simple rules for the alignment in postures other than Wuji?
  6. Hello from a new user

    Hi, I just signed up for the forum. I came here through an interest I developed (fairly recently) in Zhan Zhuang.