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  1. Thanks for your reply... Proper breathing always helps. But I know its not the cause for me because of things that happened to me. It does help however. Hmm, when i say "most powerful method", I mean in healing sense and how quickly effects manifest. Ok, I'll just start doing systems and see what I best respond to then. Thank you
  2. I have poor health, something that western medicine has no answer for (surprise surprise)... hence becoming my own doctor and having to take things into my own hands. Meditation is the only reason I am alive today I'm pretty sure. I have come close to and almost died at least 2-3 times I'm aware of that has been obvious to me. Although, I don't know what physical death itself feels like, so its hard to say how close I came exactly, I can say my body has done things its not supposed to do like shutting down and failure. Meditation brought me back and restored function to my body. Anyway, I want a STRONG FAST working qigong to help me as fast as possible that is most effective to go along with meditation, life style, diet, etc. From my reading here it seems some of the most eeffective healing qigongs are Spring forest, Stillness-Movement, FPCK.... What other systems are most effective and have maximum results in quick time? Unfortunately I have almost no money from spending very much on doctors, testing, acupuncture, western medicine. I also haven't been able to work much due to health. Otherwise I would have found a good local teacher/doctor in the DFW, TX area. Thats the other thing that seems to be lacking in this area...is many teachers / healers / doctors of alt medicine. ANd the ones that are here are very expensive, and i haven't met many that I have too much confidence with. How do the above qigong systems compare with Ken Cohen medical qigong?? Any other qigong and meditation systems recommended for health / healing? I've also done pranic healing, but for myself, I seem to get better results with just meditation, letting go...rather than pranic healing. Thank you!
  3. Thanks Zen Pig... I just wanted to verify S-M... and also see what exactly is on Gift of the Tao 1 DVD (including S-M?), because I was considering purchase. I'm not new to meditation , energy work, altered states. Qigong I am pretty new too however.
  4. Is this the right section for this question? Sorry if it is not
  5. Hello! I've started looking through the book by Lomax and have a few questions about the process of S-M. I've read the steps in the book. From my understanding, basically your focus during the meditation should be on Dantian and complete relaxation and let go with right hand then left hand on Dantian? And then and any physical/energetic sensations, go with? Is that pretty much it? Also, does the Gift of the Tao DVD have s-m meditation process on it?? Thanks!!
  6. Hello!

    Hi there! I've been on this site off/on for awhile, but now that I'm getting back into Flying Phoenix Chi Kung I see that some of these forum threads are private now? Is there a way I can access these forum posts now again? I would to read these valuable threads if possible please?! Thank you!