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    Hello, I am Dom and I am 24. First time I heard about Dao was due to some course about sex techniques that I ordered in the Internet. Well, can't say it was good or working, I had a strong feeling that it lacks fundamental knowledge and explanation, like a person who was getting money and glamour had actually no idea what he was talking about. After a while I noticed that, just one time, Mantak Chia's name was mentioned. So I bought his book, The Multiorgasmic Man. From that I learned that previous course was a windup, as it was a badly written copy of this book and probably other Chia's books, also with mistakes. I tried learning things mentioned in a book. After a while a noticed some changes but after a month, while not getting desired results, I just dropped the idea. That was 1 year ago. Now, after all this year, I had come to the conclusion, that I actually did want to try mastering this book's techniques and ideology. I read first half of it and after a while started practicing. Why do I use the past tense? It's because I found this site, and now I am actually clueless what to do. I read some arts here about Chia, people are divided, one shouts "fraud", another "unhealthy", another "you are wrong, these are the best!" and so on. Instead of having a clearer view, I don't know now whether should I insist on practicing or maybe try something different? The problem is that I don't have any access to proper Dao teacher, so I have to rely on books and videos. I understand it's not the same, but in my point of view, it's better to learn something, even theoretically, then just sit on my buttocks and do some Netflix&beer "relax". So, my first question to you people would be - is it reasonable to learn first from Chia's books or do you recommend some other sources as better, less commercial, better explained etc.? (I don't know chinese nor hindu, eng. resources would be best). Also, for those, that learn Chia's methods, I have some.. maybe stupid or infantile questions, but try to understand please - I am a total beginner, although willing to study :). So, last year, I exercised my PC muscles a lot. During (solo/)intercourse, I felt described sensations and while feeling "Point of no Return", the exact moment, I stopped stimulation, clenched PC muscles, did Cool Draw etc. After few weeks, I discovered that although I had a little drip of semen, I could actually continue (no regeneration obligation). Unfortunately I have never felt my "chi" or energy going up the spine etc. After few weeks, without described feeling, and also because of those "drops" instead of dry orgasms, I stopped the practice. I think, that during that time, I wrongly understood Chia. From what I understand, it is very important to stop just "before PoNR", right? Something like western "edging"? And of course with doing Cool Draw etc.So, to my question - which approach is actually correct? Trying to stop "after PoNR", or stopping "before PoNR"? Also, my other question - if I stop just before PoNR, I have this nice feeling, but it's.. it's almost nothing. Like, preludium to the effects after PoNR. Even, if I do this 5 times or 10 times, surely I do increase the sensations, but it's still far away from those possible "after PoNR in the first try". Also, after doing this 5 times, the effects "after PoNR" also increase dramatically. So i don't think I get the right idea about it. Will the real sensations come withing days of practice? Some of you may, after reading this, think "this guys doesn't understand the whole concept, he just focuses on tantra etc". Frankly speaking, you are correct. It's just, I want to try only this, and after decide whether it's for me and I want to learn more and cultivate, or decide I have better things to do. Please, be longanimous :). I tried meditating, learned about chakras and kundalini, actually spent lots of time on getting interesting knowledge.. still, I have never felt anything, even meditation was hopeless for me (half a year of practice, also in a group). So now, I want to concentrate on just this one thing. It's hard to believe without seeing or feeling the real deal.