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  1. Introduction - Working with patients

    Thanks for your responses. Looking forward to the rest of the journey! I'm going to to order the Gift of the Tao from Michael Lomax as a start and get crackin'! I will continue searching the forums as I'm sure other individuals have had problems absorbing unwanted energies from patients as well.
  2. Introduction - Working with patients

    Hello, I’d like to introduce myself as a newcomer to the Dao Bums. I’ve read many threads on and off over the years, and they always seem to be insightful. My background is in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve been practicing TCM for about 20 years and studied a few different forms of Qi Gong. The Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu have been instrumental to my outlook on life. Here’s where I could use some help. In my style of acupuncture, I palpate the points on patients before placing a needle. Occasionally, I can tell immediately if a point will be helpful because I feel instantly nauseated and need to vomit when I touch a point on their body. When I feel sick from this, 9 out of 10 times the patient will immediately say “Wow, my (back, neck, stomach, etc.) feels instantly better!”. They feel better and I have to go puke outside. In my first years of practice I didn’t put it together, but later a fellow practitioner told me to go touch a tree, plant, or grass when this feeling comes. That has helped significantly and now it can be reduced by 70-80%. There’s obviously a connection to nature. Everybody thinks I’m crazy when I tell them, so I just keep it to myself. First off, has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone know resources or specific techniques that can help strengthen my defensive energy? And instead of only taking on other people’s garbage during acupuncture treatments, are there techniques that can teach me to put good/healing energy into my patients? Obviously there are no quick fixes as these are life-long studies and commitments, but I’m in this for the long haul. Thank you!