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  1. Strengthening the Blood

    "The worst thing that ever happened to spirituality was it became an industry." -Song of the Dao
  2. Strengthening the Blood

    Oh, I see, and agree. People who know are a dime a dozen. Yet we can replace a human heart which was damaged by a virus and keep the fluidity going. It is just easier to understand motorcycles because we created motorcycles and Heaven created humans, so our bodies are more difficult to understand.
  3. Strengthening the Blood

    One or the other? Why? To bring Eastern wisdom into Western wisdom would be like merging heaven and earth, the unification Yin and Yang! But this is the reaction today. Left or right, white or black, east or west. Sad. And is TCM that great? Do they know everything? Go to two different TCM doctors and you will get two different answers. One will say yin deficiency and the other yang excess. Maybe two expert TCM and Eastern Doctors will give the same diagnosis, but the world is full of people who know little but profess much. Or maybe it is all the heavy metals in the herbals that help in TCM? If one can use western wisdom to explain and translate eastern wisdom I see only benefits as a result.
  4. Strengthening the Blood

    I did not say it is the only change that affected the skin microbiome. You could have genetic changes that mess up your filaggrin or just an overly sensitive immune system. And it is yin deficiency or too much yang? And how do you know? How long have you been studying TCM? Science does not care if you like it, neither does the Dao. Like I said, you have too much serotonin, hence your reactions to the SSRI and MAOI. You do not need to see the brain to understand neurotransmitters, you just need to look at behavior and illness. Like when someone trips on acid or ayuasca. Think of the neurotransmitters on a yin/yang level and it will make sense: Yang = Glutamate and too many catecholamines (serotonin, dopamine norepinepherine, epinepherine) Yin = GABA and too few catecholamines. Internal and external happen at the cellular level as well, like how voltage gated ion channels change concentrations of calcium, sodium and potassium. All these cycle throughout the day, and year. Don't you think all the TCM stuff effects the things I listed about? TCM can merge with the western approach and maybe both will benefit. Why choose one over the other? I have used this understanding to relieve myself from all the psychiatric meds. Check out the benzo properties of Dan Shen, or the MAOI activity of Turmeric.
  5. Tai Chi ball - Mark Rasmus

    metaphor noun Definition of metaphor 1 : a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money) broadly : figurative language
  6. Strengthening the Blood

    Eczema is caused by different infections, but usually a fungal imbalance, so of course a dryer climate will reduce eczema since it will change the microbiome of the skin. Damp-stagnation is just an old way of putting it, but I think now we have better ways to explain what is happening. TCM is ahead of its' time in these observations though. The internal issue is still there however, hence the ADHD. I often find people who have ADHD also struggle with Eczema, and the link to both is too much serotonin and not enough dopamine, norepinepherine, and epinephrine. There is a way to balance this but I'll only explain if you ask. I am guessing you have possibly red hair or freckles, or come from Irish/English decent. (I have some what of the same problem, however, I do not lack in dopamine and the epinephrines but still have high serotonin most times. So no ADHD but Bipolar Disorder.)
  7. what is next

    It is just this simple; Unless we lose consciousness we always have ego. To dissolve the ego is to go to sleep, under anesthesia, or die. But what we do have is "I" ego and a "Universe" ego in our brain. You know, Yin and Yang? Heaven and Earth? Yes, even the Universe has a ego. Selfish bitch! The left side of the brain creates the I ego, the right side creates Universe ego. When you meditate, or have these experiences of Universe (bliss, enlightenment, etc), all you are doing is slowing down the left side of the brain for a moment. It is just that simple. We live in a left brain (I) dominated human culture so being full right brain is rare and unsustainable. But the "Universe" ego is still you. It is not "connecting with the universe or god or enlightenment", it is just another experience of YOU. Just another experience. That is why you can talk about it, because YOU remember it. So when we are "dissolving the ego" we are only slowing down the left brain and seeing a different ego. Look, science: Tibetan monks have increased right cerebral blood flow.
  8. No. But your translation was not useless to me. I am saying the mistranslation is insignificant and has nothing to do with why the OP was confused. I understood it fine without any need to fix the translation.
  9. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    Ugh, the "what I see is really me" line? If I see arrogance I am arrogance? If I see a flower am I a flower? When I see a river I see a river. And if it's warm out maybe I will jump in it. If you want to be aware, or live in awareness, that is a push or pull action, so it is the ego. To be push or pulled implies that there is direction to or from something. That something is the I, or the ego. That I does not vanish once the pushing and pulling stops. It just gets a rest. Awareness is. A river is. Everything just is. Awareness is nothing special. You are just letting the ego relax a bit.
  10. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    Awareness does not dissolve the ego. Awareness is the ego. What/who is it that remembers or experienced that feeling while you were walking your dog, and what/who is it that has remained to express it? So what good did that moment of awareness do but to further strengthen your ego? "Look what I did"; you tell us. You remember that moment and you continue grasping for it because it was pleasurable. How can something like arrogance or stand in the way of seeing your Self if arrogance IS your Self when you are being arrogant? How can you realize the Self if you keep pushing it away and judging it? If you saw the true harm of arrogance it would end immediately like how you don't drink antifreeze because you know how harmful it is. But you do not see the harm in it, there is a piece of you that still wants it, that sees its usefulness, so you keep it in your cupboard just in case. But these traits are human traits, they are as "bad" as a tiger having sharp fangs. The focus on, and idea of, awareness and mindfulness has destroyed spirituality because it is still dualistic; there is me being aware and me not being aware. So you judge non-awareness as bad and try to overcome it. More violence, more struggle. You moved the war from outside of yourself to inside. Still desire, still violent. So why try and lose your non-awareness, arrogance, selfishness, small-mindedness, judgment, envy, and jealousy? How can you see the harm in them, the true harm, if you do not experience them? Forced awareness and walks in the park hide them, nothing more.
  11. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    Have you ever lived in complete oneness? I have, and I ended up in a psychiatric ward. It is impossible to exist in that state, as we see with the woman who had the stroke, which is why we need the ego; one foot on the ground, one in the heavens. Being in the oneness makes you appreciate the ego and puts it in its rightful place. I could not be typing this if I did not have an ego, nor could I interact with you. People striving to be "one with everything" are only striving to be insane.
  12. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    This is the reason I posted the video of the woman who had the stroke. We need both sides, the Yin and Yang. We need the ego and the universal to function in the world. As spiritualists we can loose that notion and get lost in the oneness. The ego is not a block to enlightenment, it is a part of enlightenment. Seeing your oneness is not the end, it is kensho as the Zennnists would say. We start with all ego, wake up to the oneness, then the last task is to merge the two. That merging is enlightenment.
  13. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    Maybe it was mini stroke?
  14. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

    Who says we didn't?