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  1. On Stillness

    Hello, again.
  2. On Spontineity

  3. On Spontineity

    Doesn't the wind blow fiercely sometimes? Doesn't the rain come down in torrents in the humid spring?
  4. On Spontineity

    People so often say things they cannot explain. It is a knee jerk reaction created by the conflict of their thoughts with reality. The center is not everywhere, another method for people to keep engaging in vulgar thought while excusing it with saying that mean nothing. The center is in the middle. Even stupid Lao Tzu knew this! Throw away holiness and wisdom, and people will be a hundred times happier. Throw away morality and justice, and people will do the right thing. Throw away industry and profit, and there won’t be any thieves. If these three aren’t enough, just stay at the center of the circle and let all things take their course.
  5. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    The bad man is the good man's teacher!
  6. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    Ugh, projection? Really? Ha! Going with that new age trope? She tapped out and it is my spontaneity that caused it. It was not my intention, I wanted to see if she could roll along with me, but she needs the control.
  7. On Spontineity

    Seriously, explain how you think I am trying to control anyone.
  8. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    I am not seeking arguments, I am merely arguing. I cannot help it if her arguments are so weak she gave up and called me a troll.
  9. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    But you again you, are picking the cherries. What about: 'A good side' -- not aware of it. No comment? That is great everyone is letting flow their useless opinions. Just why get upset and call me a troll because I share mine? do you see the GAME I was playing with her and everyone else? No? Can you be as playful as a newborn? Has she changed her mind about whales drinking water, about no mammals drinking when they are eating even though most humans do it?
  10. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    Do not give yourself any importance by thinking I am stalking you. You are no different than the last 10 gurus that were here who exclaimed their vulgar learning. And calling me a troll because I disagree with you? Well, here is some talk on that topic:
  11. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    Those are some plump cherries! How about when she said: "The idea is that you dilute your digestive juices if you drink water with your meals. Also you tend to underchew your food and just wash it down with water. Both will impair proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Cold water is the worst, in Chinese medicine it is considered to be the surest way to put out your "digestive fire" and render you unable to "cook" the food you're eating." and "If thirsty, you quench your thirst before starting your meal. If the meal was drying, you might drink water sometime after you finished." and "To my knowledge, no mammal drinks water while eating. 'A good side' -- not aware of it. Perhaps if you're more dehydrated than undernourished. And even in this case it might be better to drink enough water first, eat later." There, you see, she sees no good side to drinking water while eating. I see no bad side either! But she does, it "impairs digestion"! All that knowledge, a wealth of knowledge. She has all the wealth! I alone am poor and stupid!
  12. On Spontineity

    It saddens me to always come back here and find people who are still so serious and get offended. Where is the spontaneity? I cannot help to think of this story by Zhuangzi, when Confucius and his students saw a man in the turbulence at the bottom of a huge waterfall and the rushed to help him, only to see him walking along the banks of the river below unharmed. So when I read the post here on how one should do this or that to get this or that I will playfully create the waterfall and as a result I see people thrashing about in the turbulence I have created. People are offended! No one can float with the turbulence! The people who come here and have all the answers, they are dead people, but everyone will worship them, the next guru. Instead of sharpening their instinct they seek quick answers from strangers. Should I drink water when I eat? Do it and see how you feel! Why listen to anybody but the Dao? If you want to be a great leader, you must learn to follow the Tao. Stop trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts, and the world will govern itself. Look at how many on here are obsessed with control! How can you reach enlightenment that way? Also from Zhuangzi: Spontaneity is non-interference by vulgar thinking. Am I thirsty when I am eating right now? Yes? So I take a drink. That is the Dao, that is placidity. If you think it is bad that you are drinking water when you eat, the spontaneity is dead, you have created dualism and you are far from the Dao. This is hard for yo uto hear because you want control, you want to know how to act and how to eat to reach enlightenment and live close to the Dao. But with all these rules and gurus you make good and bad and then the ten thousand things follow. And so you need a guru to try to help you out of the mess and they will help you for some money or some fame. Qi is not something to be manipulated. Only something to be understood. You do not use your thoughts to correct Qi, you let your body do it and get out fo the way. Again, spontaneity. So when I see topics like "Calligraphy as Cultivation" and "Is taoist breathing compatible with 6-pack abs?" and " waterdrop Best isolation of feet from earth material ?" I know I still have a lot of waiting to do for the Dao to return.
  13. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    No! Why would I engage in such vulgarity? I thought this was a Daoist forum!
  14. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    It is a big camp, and they are hunkered down, protecting their wealth of knowledge. Dining on the most moist food in the middle of a desert. No water needed! I hear it kills you anyway!
  15. drinking water with food - bad ? why ? how bad is it ?

    It is one thing to say that dry foods are less healthy, which I would mostly agree with. But it is another thing to advise people not to drink water when they eat, regardless of whether the food has a high moisture content. In an attempt to turn this discussion in their favor, the "do not drink water with food" camp is now talking about the quality of food.