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    Hi - I've been reading the forums for a couple of months now; I don't have anything particular to post at the moment but would like the option. Basic introduction: I'm based in Canada (Toronto) and have been practicing qi gong for a couple of years now; during the last year it's developed into daily and fairly focused practice. I do zhan zhuang, a five elements routine, and 8-set brocade (learned from a teacher her in Toronto), and have started doing some sitting meditation as well. I intentionally avoided books for the first while (most of my learning comes from books, and I wanted to approach this differently), but this year have found a number of them helpful: Qigong Empowerment, Lam Kam Chuen's Way of Energy, and various books by Damo Mitchell & Yang Jwing-Ming; lately I've also been reading some Taoist classics in translation. Anyway - hello to all, and looking forward to future conversations.