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  1. restore jing with homeopathy

    Also any great Sifu's located in the Greater Toronto, Ontario area? Would be grateful to learn from a good sifu.
  2. What do you guys think of what the guy who runs this site says about our physical incarnations as being fake / a simulation? Have you come across this guy's website before? Apparently he is actively doing work to rectify the evil intentions designed into the simulation i.e. to inject trauma and other ills into our subtle bodies. https://www.soul-healer.com/ Please have a full read of the details he presents. I think if what he says is true then all these techniques like qigong, neidan are hacks into the simulation like hacks built into a video game (like supermario getting more lives by engaging in certain activities). But who knows for sure....
  3. restore jing with homeopathy

    All - thank you for the kind details. I truly am very grateful. Awen, I will get my hands on Cistanche from my TCM doc . Michael Sternbach, do you have any suggestions on which homeopathic remedies can be useful? I've also seen on dao bums someone mention moxi but they didn't specify reference or further information. If anyone here knows more on how moxi can assist restoring jing please can you specify here. I would be very grateful.
  4. Recovering yuan qi

    NeiChuan - do you have a reference for the moxa instructions? I would be very grateful for your help.
  5. restore jing with homeopathy

    I am a newbie here at Daobums. I found you guys as I was searching for ways to restore jing. I am 42 year old male and I have been suffering with Liver Yang Rising with Wind for the past 3.5 years as well as shortness of breath and sexual impotence. I've tried all sorts of TCM therapy. I have a new TCM practitioner now and she says I am kidney jing/yin deficient, liver yin deficient and there is a communication problem with Heart/Kidney (i.e. triple burner). So right now she is focusing on fixing the kidney/heart communication with mild liver yang sedatives. She said I am not ready for kidney jing restoration as my spleen qi is weak due to liver yang attacking the spleen. I am also getting Heilkunst Homeopathy treatment (sequential therapy). My adult life has been one trauma after another and due to the frustration I resorted to sexual excess although I've been engaging in sexual excess behavior since I was a young teenager. I was ignorant of the consequences and now I am facing them. I was wondering if anyone here knows how kidney jing can be restored with homeopathy or whether that is even possible? I was practicing qiqong but having trouble breathing right now so making it very difficult. It would be nice if I can stablize myself and then go nuts practicing qigong and daoist yoga. Would be grateful for your help.