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  1. the dark goddess represent lust, negative emotions. Amaterasu the Sun Goddess represent Love, positive emotions. Shiva the Destroyer God of Death represent the emptiness of void, the death of emotions, good or bad. Shiva feels at home when fighting and destroying with the emptiness of void, the death of emotions, good or bad.
  2. There are 2 other major deities old ones ruling the order of the evil dragons along with the dark goddess. They are the god of evil intent and the god of killing. Shiva, the Destroyer God of Death is of the pure good intent of destruction death. The god of evil intent and the god of killing can't touch Shiva so they have to send the dark goddess to seduce and tempt Shiva into the wrong path, choosing the wrong women, choosing the wrong sexual acts, choosing the wrong love, etc. In his meditations, Shiva has to undergo time travel trials of going into the past, present, future of mating loving marrying various females of different incarnations. Shiva is more of a warrior than a lover. Shiva likes to destroy demons and does't love enough. Male Buddhas can't seem to get through to Shiva whose hearts seem to be devoid of any emotions, good or bad. Shiva likes to indulge in the emptiness of the void of death all the time. Dunno why. In fact, Shiva likes the destruction of demons over sex although his Lingam is a most holy object. Maybe Shiva's Lingam is too holy for women to endure.
  3. Amaterasu The Sun Goddess asked Shiva The Destroyer God of Death, " Are you just Death?" Shiva:- "True Death is the Death of Evil, the Death of Samsara, the Death of Rebirth & Dying, the Death of Death itself." Amaterasu:- "the dark goddess represents the evil greedy feminist bitch in all human women who wants to enslave, use, torture all men in their quest for more material temporary desires." "You can torture and destroy the dark goddess in the deepest levels of chinese hells diyu but would you drag all human women into hell to punish them for all their Evil femininity?" "Do you truly understand women and females, Shiva Destroyer God of Death? "No matter how evil a female is, regardless of her being an asura, a demoness, a dark goddess, a succubus, or just a normal mortal, they are most afraid of the Emptiness Void of Death. Women are more afraid of Death than Men." "This is why females are drawn to male sexual energies sperms to keep them alive." "This is why males are drawn to females in order to give them male sexual energies sperms." more to come.. I am getting blocked now..
  4. So from all the dao bums' point of view, what does it mean by a woman to defeat another woman? How does the female arch-angel defeat the female asura? How would Quan Yin defeat lilith, the succubus queen? Shiva The Destroyer God of Death laughed at Amatserau the Sun Goddess and asked, "O Beautiful Sun Goddess, What Can You Do To Defeat the dark goddess?" "the dark goddess of the order of the evil dragons is beyond redemption."
  5. This is a true story. Currently, Shiva The Destroyer God is now meditating very hard to reach Further Levels of Enlightenment. He now faces his number one enemy, the dark goddess of the order of the evil dragons who has been enslaving our human race through superior evil powers of technological, spiritual, financial, political, military, medical fields. This dark goddess rules over all destructive sexual acts and activities. her power is invoked into all human lives during abortions, rapes, incests, prostitutions, sexual slavery and any sexual act that involves violence. The illuminatus which are the foot-soldiers of the order of the evil dragons routinely sacrifice children to her in order to further their interests in the sex trade, one of the evil dragons' most lucrative industries. The dark goddess love to incarnate as insanely beautiful human woman for the purpose of devouring human male flesh. Shiva has been tested severely too many times from this dark goddess and her armies of succubus demonesses female asuras. Shiva has now been granted the power of the universe to punish her utterly by dragging her into the deepest levels of the Chinese Hells Diyu where she will be die and reborn again to be punished and tortured and die and reborn again for countless infinity lives. In Steps Amaterasu The Sun Goddess. "Dear Shiva, the dark goddess is just one major deity of darkness along with other old ones the gods of evil who ruled the order of the evil dragons. They viewed evil and the spreading of evil as fun and play to them. Let Amaterasu The Sun Goddess deal with the dark goddess. It takes a woman to totally defeat another woman. Two can play at the same. The Sun Goddess Amaterasu view good and the spreading of good as fun and play too, Shiva."
  6. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    Posting in this forum, typing each key with water mindfulness, reading each word with water focus, that may be practice by itself. An idiot practicing meditation all day all night long get tested when out of meditation. He still fails when not meditating. It is the quality, not the quantity. What is the quality of dao bums posting? Am I spreading wisdom or am I just writing my worthless 2 cents? Am I typing each key with careful water mindfulness. Fill your mind your entire body with water, the element of water, the power of water, the healing of water, the changing nature of water, the yin of water as your head keeps getting knocking backwards against the back of your bed.
  7. Everybody has a different path to Enlightenment

    Murdering Hitler may be known as "Ethical Murder". Otherwise, Prison Executioners may all land in hell for murder.
  8. Everybody has a different path to Enlightenment

    Osho keeps using the word "fcuk" a lot. Would he ever go to hell for using the word "fcuk"? You see it is the intent behind the evil acts. Would you shoot Hitler as soon as he was born as a baby to prevent him from his atrocities? So you see, murder isn't always wrong.
  9. Everybody has a different path to Enlightenment. We can study from various masters various traditions, we can ditch our fortunes and our families to be ordained as monks or nuns, we can be lay people who practice while working in various occupations. But in the end we all have different individual paths to Enlightenment. If the Buddha or Jesus Christ is reborn again, will they still choose the same path as their previous life-times? Will the Buddha still choose to abandon his wife, his children, his wealth, his empire in search of Enlightenment? The Buddha can always choose Enlightenment and Material Desires at the same time, can't he? Will Jesus Christ still stupidly choose to turn the other cheek when facing the demons of the roman catholic church? Jesus had a lot of siddhis available to him so I have always wondered why can't he use his siddhis to escape his captors.
  10. What are the main differences between Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices? I have observed that Buddhist Practices focus on analyzing the mind to transform the demons within us while Taoist Practices seem to be more involved in more physical, sexual, energetic practices without indulging in the observation and transformation of one's mind. Maybe I am wrong so I am willing to learn from experienced practitioners here.
  11. Different Kinds of Love

    An old man passed by. He asked the buddha, "what kind of love would you have for the female asura?" The buddha replied, "I am torn between non-sexual kindness and non-loving lust for the female asura." non-sexual kindness - kindness to a beautiful busty but unevolved female without wanting to have sex with her non-loving lust - wanting to have sex with a beautiful busty but unevolved female without loving her The Old Man said, "The female asura needs love and sex too, Buddha" But the Buddha said, " The female asura would pull me down into hell, Old Man. Because my soul and my heart cannot identify with asuras. I can be kind to her but I cannot romantically love her." Thus arises the different kinds of love. Romantic sexual love vs loving-kindness devoid of lust.
  12. Different Kinds of Love

    There are many different kinds of love. Family love, Friendship love, Lovers love. Have you ever seen a beautiful busty woman but you are just not in love with her. You just want to have sex with her and release your sperm into her vagina but you do not truly love her. Maybe she is of a different race from you. Maybe she is a prostitute or strip-tease hostess. Maybe she is an AV actress. Maybe she likes to drink and smoke and party and sleep around with different men participating in group orgies. You don't love her but you just want to have sex with her. What is true love then? There is a story about a buddha having to choose between a female Arch-Angel and a female asura to be his spiritual mate of cultivation. The Universe ask the buddha what kind of love does he feel for the two. He said that he has two sides. The Good Buddha wants a most evolved, spiritually pure, romantic sexual love with the female Arch-Angel. The Bad Maya wants to have a most devolved, spiritually impure, lustful sex devoid of any true love with the female asura. One path leads to Heaven. One path leads to Hell. How do you fight for the highest path of purity?
  13. I only listened to romantic love ballads which are slow in nature. One music video which I recommend is the MV above. When I meditate on this song, I seem to be able to tap into the energies of the office romance between the two co-workers into my heart and my heart chakras. Also I sing mantras to the tune of the song. That seem to drive off a whole lot of negative energies and entities away.
  14. Two topics here. I have discovered that it is impossible to achieve Samadhi concentrated awareness without the most positive emotions of loving-kindness, joy, happiness, humor, fun, romance, inspiration, patience, courage, etc. in my heart. What do you guys do to cultivate positive emotions besides meditating? Let's share! One thing I can think of is to write a gratitude journal everyday. Also, being grateful CONSCIOUSLY to the Dao and the Universe every second seems to work.
  15. Hey all, when I try to meditate concentrating on my dantiens or on my breadths, i keep being attacked by negative entities through the back of my heart. Then my instincts told me to sing mantras to the tune of K-Pop/J-Pop/C-Pop. It works wonders! I cried and the negative entities keep swearing through channeling my voice but there is a very pleasurable feeling of love in my heart which also expands my awareness. I am going to try to sing with awareness 24/7/365 from now on.