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  1. In 2005, a woman named "Alice Zaper" broke my heart so bad that I nearly died of heart pain in a field in Sydney, Australia. Because of "Alice Zaper", I became a Pick-Up Artist who would seduced women into bed without putting my emotions at all into relationships. I merely want to go into business to earn money to buy sexual favors from women without putting my emotions into loving them. I simply destroyed all my emotions and as a result, the dark nights of my soul began in 2010 till now. I suffered from countless negative energetic negative emotional attacks to my heart and to the back of my heart causing me insomnia every night and severe fatigue every day. For 10 years now, I have been suffering from spiritual health attacks and no matter how much I mediate no matter how many mantras I chant, my problems never went away. I can't work at any job. I just suffer like a mental health patient. All these because I cut off all my emotions, especially in the pursuit of women. So to "Alice Zaper", I dedicate the following song to you to make amends for all of my sins. Are you alright now? We had a hard time Our ending was Just a farewell It was too hard I heard you are doing well You are already seeing a good person I didn't ask it but someone told me Good job You couldn't have endured it to overcome that emptiness Are you happy now that you are in love? When you start in a relationship You don't know how beautiful you are I still can't forget how you looked I can't get over it It even gets worse in a day I hear about you Do you like him? To be honest, I can't bear it I wish you would have a tough time, too Just one-tenth of the pain I'm feeling Just one-tenth of the pain I'm feeling please be in pain and then be happy It is unfair It feels like I'm the only one in pain Am I the only one who has broke down? I was in love just once. Am I overreacting to it? It's too complicated. Certainly I wanted you to be happy. I didn't know I'd miss you this soon Are you happy now that you are in love? When you start in a relationship You don't know how beautiful you are I still can't forget it I can't get over it It gets even worse in a day I hear about you Do you like him? To be honest, I can't bear it. I wish you too would have a tough time too Just one-tenth of the pain I'm feeling please be in pain and then be happy If you're ever reminded of me If you're ever reminded of me ask how I'm doing "Doing well." I'm sure everyone say like that. Cause they all think I am fine. Because of the petty ego I live with pretending that I'm doing good I'm doing good Are you really happy? Am I just a forgettable memory to you? I am just your ex-boyfriend who didn't get to love you right Just love that passed by
  2. I Apologize Most Sincerely To The Universe And To All Beings Of All Existences For My "First-Place Winner" Ego. Ever since I was born, my parents and my elders have drummed the "First-Place Winner" egoistical thinking into me so much so that I felt unloved if I do not get the best grades at school, if I do not get the best money-making professional career and especially if I do not get the best woman in the world who can give me the best children in the world. All of my life, I wanted the best in everything. I wanted to be the best in everything. A winner who is at the top of his game like one of my idols Michael Jordan. My "First-Place Winner" Ego applies especially in the pursuit of women, sex and romance. This was why I became a Pick-Up Artists and this was also why I was so obsessed with earning money by being a businessman who is dealing with the most profitable, top-notch, most designer goods. I just can't stand being second place or third place or God Forbid, the last place in the eyes of women, especially the women of my own race whom I truly desire. I despise myself for being a beta male. I despise myself for not being an alpha male. I despise myself for not being a winner like Michael Jordan although i am not exactly into basketball, just into Michael Jordan's winner mentality. Michael Jordan's quote of being a Winner whose famous quote of “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” still stick with me to this day, to this second. But I am a Loser. I am a Loser who doesn't know what to do with my life. I am unemployed for many years. I am physically weak. I suffer from energetic problems which gave me so much insomnia, so much fatigue, so much energy disorientation so much energy disruption in my life. I can't hold a conversation with beautiful women of my own race whom I truly desire without feeling insecure. Even if I just want to be a sincere friend nowadays with beautiful women of my own race without expecting anything in return, for christs' sakes, every beautiful woman of my own race whom I truly desire would give me the cold shoulder. I am a Loser. But you know, I just want to be Happy. Even if it means being a Happy Loser. I am so tried so weak so sleepy. I just want to sleep well eat well every day. If I can mediate well, that would be an added bonus. I don't ask for anything else, my Father my Universal Creator. I doubt if I can even reach Enlightenment in this lifetime which truly terrify me inside. I am so afraid of being reborn again to face all of my lessons again. I am so afraid of being so weak. I am so afraid of being so tired. I am so afraid of being a slave to society, a corporate slave, a slave to my desires, a slave to unenlightened beings. Please forgive me, anyone who can read this.
  3. Hey All, I have been doing a lot of contemplations and reflections on positive loving emotions. I am wondering if musicians especially singers cultivate the most positive loving emotions as part of their job criteria? There seem to be no other occupation in the world which really cultivate emotions, especially positive loving emotions, as part of their job scope. To the best of my knowledge, all singers have to use their heart emotions to sing their songs otherwise they can't perform a good job. What do you all think?
  4. Ok.. I know I am repeating my question here But I like to pose my question in another way.. Because I like to know if a samurai or a ninja can achieve samadhi by practicing Zanshin? So if a martial artists keep relaxed concentration focus on martial arts moves, he can achieve Samadhi? Cos to the best of my knowledge, Samadhi can only be achieved by concentrating on stationary objects or stationary movements? I like your advise on this matter.
  5. Just wondering how well would Special Forces soldiers do well in meditation training? Is "Focus" alone sufficient to achieve Samadhi? Please share your teachings?!
  6. HOW NAVY SEALS CONQUER FEAR AND ANXIETY 31JUL 2017 The training kicks in. Take a second to think about what made you stressed or anxious last week. Deadlines, traffic, a long grocery line, or some social situations are everyday trivial stressors, but your brain’s amygdala processes them as life-or-death threats. Stress just means resistance or pressure. We need stress to grow as humans; it can be a positive force if mentally framed correctly — even enhancing performance to blast through a deadline. But prolonged stress erodes your performance and wellbeing. Through my long history as an elite athlete, martial artist, yogi, and Navy SEAL, I teach people how to conquer fear and anxiety, and help veterans with post-traumatic stress. Here are six ways I learned how SEALs starve fear and feed courage: 1. Positive self-talk. SEALs are trained to be rock steady, but when I checked into initial SEAL training, BUD/S Class 170, my nerves were sizzling. Adrenaline pulsed through my arteries. My class of 180 trainees had a stream of negative chatter in their minds expressed as anxiety riddling their faces. A sign on the wall said, “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.” I paused and said to myself: “I’ve trained hard and made it this far. Many have gone before me and survived — if they did it, so can I. Quitting is not an option. They’ll have to kill me to quit. Just focus on performing right now.” This perspective melted my fear to be replaced by the firepower of courage. 2. A “Why” or purpose. Two hours into the first day of training, trainees were already quitting. While doing push-ups in the surf, my buddy Bush — who’d outperformed me throughout Officer Candidate School — said, “Mark, I can’t do this,” and also quit. I later discovered that he wanted to be a vet. His “Why” for being a SEAL wasn’t steadfast. During Hell Week (six days of training with just four hours of sleep), an instructor told me, “You’re capable of twenty times more than you think.” At the end of my nine-month BUD/S class, 19 trainees remained. The workload we endured seemed impossible. But, amazingly, it was. Our “Why” enabled us to tap into our 20X Factor and an uncommon resolve. 3. Focus on the immediate threat. One year later, in the pitch black, my parachute canopy collapsed into a wobbly sheet after a teammate collided with me in mid air. Plummeting towards the earth, I had eight seconds remaining in my 26-year-old life. Suddenly my training kicked in. My mind, breathing, and time slowed as I felt my way through the malfunction checklist. Suddenly my reserve chute caught enough air before I hit the ground unscathed. Despite the chaos, a SEAL is trained to focus with single-mindedness on the immediate threat and dispatch one target at a time. Excessive thinking would have killed me. My unconscious competence combined with relentless training saved my life. 4. Breathe. Two hours into my five-hour diving mission, water gushed around my face. I could breathe but was blind. I fumbled through the standard operating procedures to clear the mask but to no avail. I was useless as a navigator but couldn’t abort the mission. My teammate took over. After my frustration and fear had dissipated, I slowed my breathing and held my breath at the inhale and exhale. I focused my mind on the breathing cycle while repeating the positive mantra, “Feeling good, looking good, ought to be in Hollywood!” thus accelerating my concentration and positivity. Suddenly we came to a halt. We’d arrived at the destination. A miserable three hours felt like an enjoyable 45 minutes just through focused breathing. 5. Visualize success. When my mentor, Admiral McRaven, led the mission to nail Bin Laden, he had his SEAL Team visualize the mission hundreds of times. They mentally pictured everything that could go wrong, as well as what the victory would look like. They also rehearsed it live in a mock-up of the compound the terrorist was holed up in. This tactic is a key to SEAL success. SEAL’s don’t take anything for granted and ensure that they win in their minds before stepping onto the helo. The SEAL Platoon will “dirt dive” a mission to visualize every part of a mission before executing it. Visualization focuses their mind on what they can control and identify challenges. It inoculates fear because they’ve replayed all the scenarios, yet are highly trained to adapt to unforeseen events. When things inevitably go wrong and fatigue kicks in, they fall back on their visualization and training. 6. Quitting is not an option. As a retiring SEAL, I wanted to give civilians or special operations candidates a taste of the training I’d experienced. 49 hours and 45 minutes into Kokoro camp — a 50+ hour crucible modeled on the SEAL Hell Week — we turned up the heat to see how trainees would withstand the pressure. After convincing the trainees that several hours remained, one quit. Moments later, the class was secured, and he was left dumbfounded. The SEAL ethos makes quitting not an option. SEALs persevere to “find a way or make one.” Things inevitably go wrong, but they don’t entertain the concept of failure. In high stakes situations, quitting means mission failure, even death. To conclude: developing a warrior mindset makes you approach life’s challenges differently. You’ll face them head on, keep goals short, but stay focused and relaxed, adapting to the changing situation. You’ll look to find humor in the challenge and tap into your 20X potential. You’ll know that you will succeed — with the right training, there will be no wondering.
  7. Put your mind on autopilot. To ensure the success of their mission and the safety of their team, Special Forces need to be constantly in the present, even in the most trying situations. The best way to do this is to “switch” your mind to autopilot, focusing intently on the present and only the present. Don’t be concerned with what happened in the past or what the future could bring — you must live exclusively in the present. Focus on your surroundings, doing your job well, helping your team, and let go of everything you can’t control. Going on autopilot will help you succeed, regardless of the nature of the challenge in front of you. This sounds a lot like buddhist teachings. Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, not to anticipate the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.
  8. Situational Awareness In military-speak, situational awareness is defined as the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regard to a mission. More simply, it's being aware of what is going on around you. Because I know the importance of situational awareness during battle, I must admit I get annoyed by the vast number of people who go about their lives without paying even the faintest attention to where they are or what's happening around them. It puts them and the general security of society at risk. These are the very people who most often get victimized or end up on the casualty list. The next time you go to a crowded shopping mall or airport, you will be amazed to observe how many people seem to be oblivious to their environment, insulated in their own world. As we will see, airports and malls, in particular, are two places where you should be absolutely vigilant and aware of your surroundings. So is it possible to achieve samadhi by deep concentrating on situational awareness on awareness of all your environments all your surroundings? Has Anyone tried it before? Please share your experiences.
  9. How possible is it to achieve complete absorption on reading books? To me, that seems to be one of the hardest thing possible.
  10. I am thinking to myself how do the old ninja warriors of japan train their awareness of their surroundings while in enemy territory. If they are aware of their surroundings using all their senses, then is it possible to focus 100% or more on all of their surroundings using all of their senses? If this is possible, then is this focus or concentration on all of their surroundings using all of their senses possible to achieve samadhi? Isn't this complete absorption on your surroundings on your environment? Any ninjas or martial artists or even bodyguards special forces please advise a noob here.
  11. Ever since Buddha Boy Ram Bahadur Bomjon Palden Dorje created controversial news about meditating for 3 years plus with no food & no water to sustain him and no showers to keep him clean from diseases and filth, I have been obsessed with closed-eye sitting meditations in order to emulate his path to samadhi. However, every time I close my eyes while sitting down to meditate deeply, my body and my head will shake violently aka kundalini syndromes which will snap me out of deep concentrations. It is extremely hard to concentrate in that manner. Then I tried open eye meditation on a candle flame in a buddhist temple a couple of weeks ago. Wonders! I experience a type of mini samadhi mode where everything in my field of visions start to "glow" a bit. Nowadays, I am trying to be as mindful as possible in my actions in my thoughts every second of the day. I am trying to push the state of mindfulness into a state of deep concentration while having my eyes open doing my everyday activities.. walking, eating, showering, talking, listening, watching the TV, reading, typing on the keyboard, etc.. https://www.speakingtree.in/allslides/how-to-attain-samadhi/117906 Complete Absorption Swami Sivananda describes samadhi as a state where the mind is completely absorbed in the object of one's meditation, even if it's the sound of Om. The mind identifies itself with the object of meditation. He says that a real samadhi is one where there is neither a dhyana (meditation) nor dhyata (meditator). It is a state where the meditator and the meditated, the thinker and the thought, the worshipper and the worshipped, become one, become identical... A teacher once told me he had to practice concentration by using chopsticks to pick up beans from one container to another container slowly with the upmost concentration. Another teacher also once revealed another open exercise where he has to use an ink brush or a pen to write the words "om mani padme hum" on a piece of paper talisman with deep concentration to channel his chi and power into the paper talisman. Hmmm, as I am typing this with some concentration, I am beginning to experience a type of mild concentration contented concentration. LOL. Okay my question to all especially spiritual martial artists out there what kind of open-eye mindfulness concentration exercises do you do in order to achieve complete absorption on "moving objects" or on "movements" or on "your field of vision". Michael Jordan once said he was frequently in the zone which I thought to be in a state of martial arts moving samadhi? I am wondering how bodyguards and special forces train their minds to be most concentratively most mindfully most open-eye aware of their surroundings all the time. I am wondering if this is similar to the "Be Present" methods of Eckhart Tolle? Looking forward to you advice on open eye focussed awareness on anything and everything. Thank you.
  12. What are your advices towards any Tibetan Buddhist Monks who are extremely angry at the accomplishments of the Communist Chinese people who have invaded their homeland and totally destroyed their spiritual cultures of enlightenment? If you are a Tibetan Buddhist Monk, wouldn't you be so angry at the accomplishments of the Communist Chinese people who have achieved so much material wealth and doesn't seem to suffer any bad karma at all for destroying Buddhism in Tibet? The Communist Chinese government seem to be rabidly anti-religious and anti-spirituality at the same time which equates to anti-enlightenment. There have been two major purges against spirituality in Chinese history. One major purge by the Qin Emperor and another major purge by Mao ZeDong. Similarly the Roman Catholic Church also committed a major purge against Jesus Christ and the Essenes because Jesus wanted to prevent the teachings of the Enlightened Christ Light Body. How would you feel if the teachings of Enlightenment and Spirituality and Healing are destroyed and made unavailable to humanity? Wouldn't you feel extremely angry at those who tried to prevent the Spiritual Enlightenment of humanity with every fibre of their body? Mods, if my words are wrong, please give me a warning and I will correct my words correspondingly to your instructions.
  13. How to Develop 1) Loving-Kindness / Benevolence (Metta) 2) Compassion (Karuna) 3) Empathetic Joy (Mudita) 4) Equanimity (Upekkha) towards your most hated enemies? It's easy to celebrate the success of those around us when things are also going well in our own lives. But the universe has a way of throwing us curve balls just as someone close to us nails a major accomplishment. It is even worse when your most hated enemy keeps getting accomplishments in his or her life while you keep falling down. 1) Your enemy receives the promotion he was up for just as you fall victim to a round a layoffs. 2) A baby shower invite arrives after another failed attempt to conceive. 3) Your ex-wife moves in with her significant other as you're calling it quits with your current wife. 4) What’s that slight sting when the guy/gal who you really weren’t even that “in” to, looks better than the last time you saw them? 5) What is that unsettling, unexplainable peace that comes with someone else’s failure, turmoil, or misfortune? 6) When people tell me their good news or great fortune, I’m happy for them—on the surface. Internally, I’m focused on what their good news means for me. 7) When my enemy scored an awesome summer position, I was annoyed because I still had no plans. 8) When an enemy received rave reviews from our boss, I was jealous and resentful, thinking I deserved just as much praise. Please Share Your Stories of How You Cultivate Most Positive Emotions Towards Your Most Hated Enemies Who Hurt You The Most.
  14. There is something called "cultural differences" when it come to marrying someone outside your own race. What foods do you eat which are similar or different to your mate? What books do you read which are similar or different to your mate? What movies or TV dramas do you watch which are similar or different to your mate? What music do you listen to which are similar or different to your mate? What life philosophies do you possess which are similar or different to your mate? What interests do you possess which are similar or different to your mate? What are your viewpoints on children and raising them which are similar or different to your mate? There are a zillion and one factors when it come to "clicking" or "connecting" with anyone, whether it be marriage, friendship, family, working for a company, being a citizen of a foreign country, studying from a particular lineage, studying from a particular guru, basically any type of relationships needs "thinking along the same lines" for both parties to stick it out. Chances are, it is much harder for an individual to marry outside their own race than within their own race as the probabilities for any differences are much higher because of racial differences and different growing up environments. I have always wondered why anyone would wanna date and marry outside their own race if they have no problems with dating and marrying people of their own kind, unless that individual whom you are dating who is not of your own race is one special individual indeed. Why would you date and marry someone different from you? Would that someone different from you give you the loving connection of "Family Home"? Maybe they will, I don't know. If non-asian man is to continuously watch korean drama throughout all his life, I wouldn't be surprised if he develops a acute disease of "Yellow Fever". LOL.
  15. It is hard for any female or male to stay subservient to any unenlightened being, regardless of whether it be a marriage, family, corporate workplace, guru, religion, government, celebrities, etc any type of authority being. Many older Asian men are not really the romantic type who would bring any kind of love or romance into marriages or their family relationships.