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  1. I am using antipsychotics atm they might be ruining my life.. I do have a lot of sexual dreams and when I control my eating habits I get dreams where I eat a lot.. I also rape girls in my dreams. I have rape fantasies and I reject them in my mind when they pop up.
  2. Well the reason I want to increase my energy is to be able to focus on my hobbies better, i'm already doing meditation and exercise lately. But I'm usually tired. So it helps a lot. And yes I'm quitting porn I can't get horny without porn. Also I've read mantak chia but I didn't do much with it, I got confused a little with people saying you need to feel chi first and practice qigong
  3. I'm a beginner that wants to increase my energy and focus with meditation, qigong, semen retention. But I have little help regarding this stuff. I have a lot of questions like, should I even practice semen retention? I found something called "testicle breathing". Some guidance would be useful, but I am getting the impression the forums is not very helpful, but if someone could help me I would be happy.
  4. Thank you very much.
  5. My goal is to become a genius but I am tired usually, so I heard semen retention would improve your energy, is there anything I can do to increase my brain energy? Am I doing something wrong? Some easy practice would be useful.