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  1. Do I have the ability to act on the world to add, change, or stop certain phenomena? Or am I completely a victim of circumstances and forces larger than myself?
  2. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    I like where Aetherous went addresing my original question. My question contains this dimension of human agency. Also...overall, I could benefit from less Jesus, and more philosophy, but great thread so far, and thank you!
  3. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    How do folks here deal with frustration, anger, and rage? How can we go on in this world so filled with injustice?
  4. Eastern Caligraphy

    Just now realizing how essential learning the language is to calligraphy, derp!
  5. Eastern Caligraphy

    Does anyone here practice caligraphy, with brush, scroll, and ink? Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese? How would a non-native speaker get immersed in this learning? Thanks as always.
  6. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    Here is my preferred translation, an amalgam: 29. Ambition
  7. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    Chapter 29 is foundational for me. I'm a fan of philosophy, and also read many continental philosophers. I've been exploring the concepts of agency and autonomy, and the ddj provides a great framework for understanding these. Trying to escape dualism, I've clung on to pluralism, specifically naturalistic holistic pluralism — which is really just another way of saying "philosophical daoism". I should place a disclaimer: I'm a daoist who interprets wuwei not as non-action, but as non-coercive action. But I'd be happy to debate this. One Western field that's really grabbed my attention is s-called actant-network-theory (ANT). Through my studies of daoism and ANT, I've noted the following: Thoughts?
  8. Yo

    Hello all: I've been interested in daoism since late 2014, especially early Daoism, the Ddj, and Zhuangzi. Looking forward to sticking around for a long while, and scratching many of my itches of questions regarding dao along the way. Cheers, Z