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  1. Eastern Caligraphy

    Does anyone here practice caligraphy, with brush, scroll, and ink? Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese? How would a non-native speaker get immersed in this learning? Thanks as always.
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    Here is my preferred translation, an amalgam: 29. Ambition
  3. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    Chapter 29 is foundational for me. I'm a fan of philosophy, and also read many continental philosophers. I've been exploring the concepts of agency and autonomy, and the ddj provides a great framework for understanding these. Trying to escape dualism, I've clung on to pluralism, specifically naturalistic holistic pluralism — which is really just another way of saying "philosophical daoism". I should place a disclaimer: I'm a daoist who interprets wuwei not as non-action, but as non-coercive action. But I'd be happy to debate this. One Western field that's really grabbed my attention is s-called actant-network-theory (ANT). Through my studies of daoism and ANT, I've noted the following: Thoughts?
  4. Yo

    Hello all: I've been interested in daoism since late 2014, especially early Daoism, the Ddj, and Zhuangzi. Looking forward to sticking around for a long while, and scratching many of my itches of questions regarding dao along the way. Cheers, Z