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  1. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    Thanks anyway, it's good to see that they exist.
  2. Students of Jerry Alan Johnson

    Hi there! Thank you Taomeow. I am interested in his taoist alchemy book but i can not really see how we should progress. Not even where we should start the training.
  3. Dear Dao Bums! Is here anyone who studies/studied with Prof. Jerry Alan Johnson? I am just looking for someone who I can discuss my questions with since it is kinda impossible to learn only from his books. Thank you in advance, Witens
  4. Hey there

    I've been reading the forum for about three years now but only managed to write a post this evening. The reason of this is simple though. I always thought that i found the perfect practical book which i can learn a lot from. I had lessons about taoism at the university where we analysed the classical taoist literature from Tao The Ching to Zhuangzi and also some modern publications like the works of Fabrizio Pregadio. So one day i asked the teacher about Mantak Chia's books (i was practising from the Healing light of the Tao). Since he said taoists did not share their proper practises, nor with random people, nor with researchers (only if they've lived with them for about a decade) and advised against practising Chia's methods i stopped practising them, believing that these things won't have the promised benefits and Chia is a fraud. Then i just moved on from Chia stuff to Yang Jwing Ming then back to Chia-ish Judelove's 100 days book (i'm practising this one's course). My questions are: Is there anyone who knows the Chia system well and/or has reached the benefits the books state? Do you guys recommend the books of Eric Judelove? What alternatives do you recommend for practising inner alchemy? Thank you in advence, Witens