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  1. Dr. Michael Newton

    It had the same effect on me. It did leave me with a few questions, however. For example, one of the stories was of a soul that was to soothe a baby through an abortion. This implies that human bodies existed independently from the souls that now influence them. If the Masters know that a certain infant is doomed, what karmic benefits come from sending a soul to that body? Who/what benefits from such a tragedy? Does the same "force of nature" that influences natural selection on the physical plane which results in vessels for which our souls to inhabit and grow through also direct the production and education of the souls themselves from the higher realms? It is suggested that contacting your guide may help you understand what experiences you incarnated to learn from. But, some experiences are meant to be learned from without any conscious foreknowledge. What happens if you miss the opportunity to learn those experiences? How would you know?
  2. Dr. Michael Newton

    I'd love to read what you think of the book once you've finished. I haven't heard of these authors but I'll start reading these books immediately. Would you have a suggestion of where to start with Swedenborg?
  3. Dr. Michael Newton

    After reading them, I'm wondering what, if any, similar material I could use for cross referencing. His notions make sense and, for the most part, seem to fit with what I've experienced. I'm not sure how I feel about the spiritual "school" that he describes Earth to be.
  4. Dr. Michael Newton

    What are your thoughts on Newton's books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls?
  5. Seeking peers

    I'm a 23 year old male. At 14 I encountered spiritually open people for the first time after moving to a larger town. They indirectly inspired me to independently investigate my own spirituality. I had recently rejected my Baptist upbringing in favor of atheism due to a sense of redundancy. Our encounters had good timing. Since then I've jumped back and forth between sincerely seeking truth through self discipline and feeding my most base desires in apathy. Over the past few weeks, I've had a few things trigger the desire to learn what truths I can about the natural order of things and my place therein again. I've been apathetic and distracting myself with vices for almost 7 months straight before this. I'm here because, for now, I have no one that is experienced in any practical spirituality in real life to offer advice. Thank you for reading this far, have a good day.