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    Thanks for saying hello! Here's my take. In my experience, all these roads eventually lead to the same destination. Sometimes we are walking roads that look very different. As we progress further and further, we become more and more able to transcend duality and paradoxes. In many systems of Western magic, which more often than not have roots in Yoga, White Light is the original purity of Divine Consciousness, a manifestation that is very close to the Akasha, the timeless and spaceless state of being that is the precursor of all manifestations. As proficiency in spiritual matters grows, tools become more and more optional. I can create an astral talisman that will ultimately work as well as one which relies on a gemstone as vessel (though it might be easier and faster to use the gemstone!). Mixing systems can work if you know what you're doing. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner. BM
  2. Out of the Blue

    Fa Xin, thank you for approving me! Yes, I know there are a couple folks here that practice Western magic. In the past sometimes I stumbled upon these Dao Bums by way of my web searches on evocation and other topics. BM
  3. Out of the Blue

    Hello everyone, I call myself BlueMagician. I've been studying Magic for over 15 years now, including topics as diverse as herbalism, astrology, evocation and "lightworking". I work mostly with East Asian, Western and Indian deities and spirits. The common thread in all of my work is "White" magic, i.e. spiritual endeavours directed towards the common good of people and humanity, the planet and the universe. I do believe though that we must not look away from what we perceive as "negative" or "black" forces, as they are part of the One God (which is us) as well. In the past two years I've been mostly active on the Studio Arcanis forums, under the very same nickname. However, I would like to work with a wider audience, including people that might be new to all this stuff (SA is mostly for seasoned practitioners). I have a blog at to which I post semi-regularly. I kindly invite you to take a look, and to subscribe if you find my stuff interesting. My latest creation is a site called "Hermetic Angel Messages". The site is freely accessible and contains neither ads nor tracking. Once I'm approved here I will write an introductory post. I am also working on a book explaining the nature of Planetary Hours which, once completed, will also be viewable free of charge and which will not contain ads. I believe this is the way forward in publishing. As of now, I live in Western Canada, near Vancouver BC. All the best, BM