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  1. Ok so I'm confused as hell, what even is neidan at this point? I feel like the rabbit hole I've fallen into has become about 20 times deeper What's the purpose + has anyone tried it or does it currently? Is it even worth it (all benefits seem sort of lackluster in the grand scheme of it all? Why are their so many schools and sects and which ones should be avoided and seemed out? (idek like mantak chia and so on) Or should I just go all the way back to the Dao de ching and firm my own opinion on it? I doubt anyone will have the answer to all of these so at least one is fine So many questions, not enough answers ๐Ÿ˜ซ Thanks in advance
  2. Daoist diet confusion

    What does a "daoist" diet usually consist of? I know different people have different opinions on the matter but are there things that most daoists generally find good or are encouraged to eat? As I am trying to form my own understanding in this topic, I would like as many people to reply as possible (not forcing you) so I can take a little bit from everyone Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all ( this is supposed to be posted on the welcome page and I am very sorry if it is not- This was the only link I could find) I'm new to forums and things of this nature so please excuse any "noob" mistakes So......, I would describe myself as extremely lost. I started studying taoism ravenously 2 years ago snd eventuslly ended up learning a few things from the universal healing dao, but I couldn't go to any lectures or but products due to age issues and whatnot. And so with a lack of resources and the fact that I was finding more and more holes in the system with every passing day I eventually gave up and left taoism behind. Or so i thought. In truth, tao/daoism has always lingered at the back of my mind and I have never truly escaped from the desire to learn more and practise. Trying to find answers on the internet however has proved to be difficult with so many loosing opinions, no real "facts" and a heck of alot of liars. So really it doesn't make much sense that I could end up at a forum as the whole point is to discuss and express opinions but I feel as if this is a place where i can form my own views In a less chsotic space and with the help of knowlegable people. As a heads up a lot of my questions will probably be to do with neidan (Yes I like to dream big) and sexual practices (please be mature) as they are the things I am most interested in currently and because they are the things I am able to find the least amount of information on (and a f*ck ton of contradictions) Ps.(can I swear here?๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿค” it's probably a stupid question but oh well....)