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  1. I just had the most hilarious realization When dogs wag their tail, they are experiencing a kundalini activation. They are masters of shaktipat. Dogs are ascended masters who have perfected the art of joy.
  2. The heights of satisfaction

    What the heck, man. This was one of most amazing things I have ever read. Totally did not expect to find it so relevant. I think you healed a part of me on a very deep level. Seriously, though, how many people do you know that you have been able to cognize these concepts at all? We are so often given the same cookie-cutter answers to everything and I want to thank you for your refreshing perspective.
  3. God as Self, Atman

    Just testing out one of those crazy, far-fetched and unanswerable questions, as our brains so love doing. Do you think it is possible for God to become a Self-Aware autonomous entity within you? For a moment while meditating, I felt like I “retracted” into myself and remembered who I was. I then spoke to myself (in my own voice, in my own mind). The voice said (I said) “Hey, this is God. This is one of those rare moments that I’m aware of myself as God, as I remember that I chose to incarnate through you, this being. Hehe. Anyway, back to being you!” ..and Zoop, and it was over. And there I was, thinking I had another one of those useless far-out moments. Then I thought, damn, here’s the thing. The truth is that this is actually pretty plausible (that I am God, that we all are). We are all in a collective hallucination of pretending that we are not God. The most important thing in our modern day culture is that people take themselves as absolutely seriously as they can in their separate identities. While general quality of life for all has gone up, it seem to be more entrenched in maya (illusion) than ever. People feel compelled to destroy each others lives over words and labels. If we could all see ourselves as God, there would be no more wars. However, the kind of shift in thinking is so radical, even if it is a closer approximation to reality than our normal, every day waking egos. I don’t think we would stop taking ourselves seriously if we all knew this. Seriousness has it’s place, however, we wouldn’t take taking things seriously so seriously. It is thought that this is how people used to live in India a long time ago, as well as how people in tribal cultures still live. Animals see reality more clearly than humans. They don't have all of these competitive and hierarchical maps in their mind that makes them compulsively re-arrange their entire lives, and feeling neurotic because the world does not comply to the demands of their imagined world. Animals don't have any problems. They are living in just one world. Us, we live in two worlds at once, the real world and the imagined world. Side thought: we are addicted to our identities, regardless of what is going on in our life, good or bad. We do not want to let go of our identity, because there is always a pleasure aspect to it. For instance, I get happy and giddy at the thought that “I am me”. I like how my body feels. I wouldn’t want to be suddenly torn into a billion pieces and returned to the collective energy field. I wouldn’t mind it, but I’m saying that i want to enjoy this thing here too while I’m here. That’s what God said, he said man, I just want to enjoy this thing while I’m there, and have a great old time. If I can’t do that, that’s fine too. Either way, it’ll be great when I wake up. The question is, how many times do you need to wake up? Also, is there a dream that God himself must wake up from? Thank you for taking the time to read. I love you and have an amazing day, if you can. If not, that’s okay too, you are still loved.
  4. Greetings :)

    Thanks everyone. I want to thank each and every person that responded here! I love you!
  5. Hey fellow bums, Just wanted to share a subject that had been lingering in my subconcious for many years. I’m sure you have as well. Let’s say that hypothetically, you reach the fullest potential of your human existence. We are talking realistically, meaning that rather than becoming an ubermensch, you are just incredibly balanced and accepting, and are self-integrated about as good as you possibly can. You are the ultimate example of God’s grace. What I am curious about, however, is whether there is anything beneficial about the “destructive” instinct that pulls you the other way. Surely, part of us eventually gets fed up with perfection, regardless of the definition. At some point, we feel like we want to lovingly throw it all way, to start over. Regardless of how good it is, how virtuous, what we most strongly crave and cannot have an experience of is a “new self”. The reason I ask is because looking back on my life in retrospect, looking at all the unbelievable moments of bliss, awe and beauty, I do not think that they stand out as being the “reason” for life. I look at them as being objectively the exact same as the most dark and painful experiences I had, and I am finding myself much less motivated to seek them out. When I am in these positive and blissful states (which is not that often, mind you) I sometimes find myself going “oh, right, there is nothing special about this. This is just the opposite of my bad times. Okay.” Perhaps this is simply a maturation process, but I am no longer as fascinated and enamored with “peak experiences” as I was before. I find this idea hard to share, because most people are hell-bent on cramming in as many of these things as they can before they die. I feel like they are the same as anything else. Am I being nihilistic, or missing something here? I guess this is part of the larger over-arching theme of what gives life meaning. But then the ultimate question is, what is the meaning of trying to find meaning, is it not just another samsaric activity that is a source of clinging, attachement and dissatisfaction? For instance, I know that one of my deepest desires is to become a master at something. Part of me feels that I will get a deep sense of satisfaction that I have never felt before, from being an absolute genius at some subject, something which I have never really accomplished. I know that it would take an unbelievable amount of work to get there, and it would be very hard to accomplish without some commitment. However, I also know that I would be doing it mostly to satisfy that deep craving of personal fullfillment, a re-inforcing of my personal ego, rather than for the pleasure of the journey itself, so to speak.
  6. Greetings :)

    Hi folks, It's always good to find a like-minded community, a little piece of home. Thanks for having me. I am looking forward to contributing as much as I can. Yosan