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  1. Natural (non toxic) Cosmetics

    "Crystal" deodorants are typically made from mineral salts, such as potassium aluminum sulfate (also known as potassium alum) It has aluminum in it, I can't use that :/
  2. Newcomer. First required post.

    what color dragon are you welcome dargonblossom!
  3. Hello I am Xeno

    Hello xeno!
  4. The Fasting Movie - Pt: 1, 2 & 3

    It's important that if you fast everyday you keep a proper schedule. I can't watch the movies right now it seems they were removed. Fasting is an interesting topic I am exploring recently (in addition to a million other things it seems)
  5. Tea/Tisane

    I finished my oolong, I seem to be sticking to high quality sencha green tea and puerh - but it will be time to buy some more tea soon
  6. Natural (non toxic) Cosmetics

    Thank you so much kara_mia I have been doing a lot of research on this, I am still doing research before I post anything here. I thank you for your input and I will include those ideas in my research. I've never even heard of corneotherapy before. Thank you so much!
  7. I can think myself to orgasum. Here is how I did it.

    what does this mean really? I hear it a lot.
  8. Natural (non toxic) Cosmetics

    I consider good manners and impeccable hygiene essential to a cordial daily life. I'm having trouble finding good products for men that have a good natural impact on my body. Let's just say as I have meditated I have also slowly become more sensitive to the chemicals I have put in and on my body. Anything that goes on my skin eventually absorbs and becomes part of me so I don't want any hazardous chemicals. Does anyone know anything about this? There is the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Ingredient Database that rates the chemicals used in every day products according to safety for your body. Please women feel free to post your personal selections as well, it may help us all out.
  9. New User here, music fanatic and also confused

    yeah, but then I won't get to see an open discussion can be a learning experience for everyone
  10. New User here, music fanatic and also confused

    Yonkon, if you give more details of your experience we may be able to help you here.
  11. Greetings :)

    Helloo! Yosan!
  12. New User here, music fanatic and also confused

    I love music and tea too! Hopefully you find the forum helpful for your predicament.
  13. Tea/Tisane

    I have to necro bump these tea topics, I'm really wanting a warm cup right now
  14. The Tea Thread

    I look forward to talking about tea with my fellow students. Japanese Green tea is currently my favorite