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  1. Great Taoist Books

    Hi there, Iā€™m looking to further my understanding of Taoism and become more immersed in this profound way of life. I would really appreciate some book/text recommendations that can help me on my journey. Sincerely, k.taylor
  2. hey there, I'm a practitioner of this style, do you still follow the practice?
  3. To my understanding, most legitimate spiritual practices advocate daily practice. What is the difference between practicing everyday, and practicing say, once every two days, or twice every three days for instance? In ways of training the body it is often beneficial to give a day or two rest in between practice, can it be the same in matters of the mind and spirit? Does the consciousness, in its progression/development, need some occasional respite? Or are the constant recoils and obstacles that emerge in one's mind and life to disrupt daily practice merely things that need to be stoically ignored? Does one 'lose out' if they do not practice everyday? Or is it a matter of adapting the amount and intensity of sadhana to where one is at at that point in time?
  4. Taiji temple style-teacher

    Hi there, the primary reason for joining this forum is that I wish to find out some information on some Taiji Chuan/temple style in Australia. I practiced at a temple for roughly 6 months in central America, and the results were extraordinary. Does anyone know if there are any teachers of this style in Australia, specifically the forms taught by Waysun Liao? Not disrespecting any other styles, I just know it works for me, so yeh, any information would be great. Thanks, also-big fan of the spirit of 'Tao Bums':)