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  1. Becoming a professional healer

    Hey thank you guys for all the responses. Yeah probably studying something in this direction and besides that doing my practices in my free time seems to be the right way to go. Unfortunately my graduation is slightly too bad for a convential md here in germany so I would have to wait to get a chance to study this which I don't really have the time to. Maybe I try TCM (but its possible that I might run into problems with this here in Germany also, as it is not that established). I also have something like Biophysics in mind for researching and helping to develop further medical knowledge as now Quantumbiology and those things are more and more coming up. Besides that I want to say wow this is such a wonderful welcome in a forum I have never experienced before. I get welcomed and immediately get comments and responses for the things that are on my mind in this stage of life right now. I am pretty sure I will.
  2. Becoming a professional healer

    Hey daobums, this is my first post on here I am an 18 year old guy who is deep into meditation, Qi Gong, internal alchemy etc. As I have finished school now I am at that point in my life in which I need to decide what I want to do. As I have the possibility to study this is obviously a good chance and a safe route to earn a living for later. Unfortunately all these things one can study don't mean anything to me as the only thing I really see my life worth investing for is becoming a healer and helping people that can not help themselves/have diseases that can not be treaten by modern medicine. So my question is now, is this an achievable goal with which one is able to also earn a living or is it rather unlikely to become like this? I know that the safe opportunity is probably to study something that at least interests me and what will get me a good job later and do my practices on top of that and then see where it goes. But then I think what if I only focus all my time on my Qi gong and meditation maybe also under the supervision of a teacher or master, wouldn't it very likely work out? All this might seem a bit weird and childish but you know, I am just an 18 year old trying to find his way in life, so I would be glad to hear a few opinions on this.