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  1. I want to share my life's knowledge with people. These are the greatest things i ever discovered. In the beginning there was nothingness and somethingness(god). Over time god became lonely and bored so he split parts of himself off(soul) and created us. He was bored because there was no challenge because he was omnipotent and no mystery becomes he was omniscient. So to fix this problem he needed to reduce his knowledge and power down to almost nothing to experience reality in a new light through us. Those are the main reasons we exist. Or we are the universes way of experiencing/observing itself to exist or to have fun? Now i like to test people and ask them is the world perfect? If you answer No then you fail lol. You see the world is perfect. Lets tackle the main problem people have when saying the world is not perfect. Its all due to suffering. God is evil, doesn't exist, or world is not perfect because we suffer or ____ fill in the blank form of suffering. Time to enlighten you!! Well you see without up you cannot have down because you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two if one side doesn't exist. So lets take out all suffering now we are forced to also take away all contentment or bliss. You can't have one without the other. Well that's fine and dandy but i will take it one step further. You see all opposites are tied on both ends. Where one ends the other begins. Positive creates negative and vice versa. Let me explain.. Lets say you are on a deserted island and you are starving to death(suffering). When you finally find some food you will be extremely grateful and loving towards it(contentment). Suffering creates contentment. Now lets take its opposite. Lets say you eat your favorite food everyday(contentment). After sometime you will become sick of it(suffering). No matter what form of suffering or contentment your throw at me i will always be able to tell you its opposite, its pro and its con. You see free will doesn't actually exist. All your decisions are based of your nature and your nature comes from its environment. Only by knowing the above information and staying on the plane of the Will you can break free from the cycle of creation and destruction. Your WILL which is actually your soul becomes a slave to its environment including ego which is included in environment because its separate from the will. There are techniques to master the Will like in the book arcane formulas 1909. This is main reason heaven and hell cant exist because heaven would be a breeding ground for evil and spoiled brats. So reincarnation is most likely the truth based on the above universal law. Now i want to get a little strange and show you my opinion how we are reincarnated. I believe your imagination is insanely powerful thing the transcends dimensions. In the Marvel universe the 5th dimension is the plane of imagination pretty cool lol. According to all the fictional light novels i read you get a very good understanding of the gods and the multiverse. Each god governs its own universe. Lets be honest if you are a light novel fan that's how you want reality to be! So since we all want it so bad god makes it happen or we are god and just make it happen. That's why universe keeps expanding. When a god(higher entity) is born a new universe is born or galaxy. According to fictional books we become a god after accumulating so many karma points. Ya its a point system loool. If you fall into the negatives you are demoted and reincarnated into a lower dimension or a poor household or a slave, animal, ect. In the positive you are promoted to a higher dimension where you become a higher being or in a rich household or more talented body ect. Or by default everyone is just plainly reincarnated because no one has free will and whether you are good or evil is not your choice but instead its your environment who chooses who you are. Now i don't know if god punishes bad people but i wouldn't if i was him. Without punishment there can be no reward. I know there are contradictions here just adding other possibilities. Ok moving on i want to tell ya'll the secret to Ki, qi, chi, prana, mana, kundalini ect. I'm going to just copy and paste a post i saved because i'm too lazy lol. Its down below enjoy. There are very few people who know what cancer actually is. Back in the day they used to test for cancer by checking the energy level of your cells. A healthy cell runs from 70-100 hz of energy when it falls to 30ish hz it becomes cancer. So cancer is simply low energy of the cells. I used to think i was the master of health with my ph cures and other hacks but recently i found out how stupid i was because i found humanity's ultimate secret. The philosopher stone, elixer of life, golden elixer, ambrosia ect. It has many names in every culture and its hidden in metaphors in every bible and religion in the world. For example adam and eve is the story about the golden elixer. If you get the original text and translate it properly its not hard to see what it all means. There are good authors on the topic like george carry or hilton hotema. Anyway I could go on forever about how deeply ingrained and hidden it is everywhere but i'm just going to come out and say it loool. Its not some magical alchemical concoction. Its actually just a simple biological process. We store energy the same way a eel stores it. In our lecithin. lecithin makes up a large quantity of our semen. But the lecithin is stored before it becomes semen above where taoists and yogi call the lower dantian or energy center(lower intestines). The golden elixer is super ionized lecithin which is reversed through techniques to go up the spine starting at the base. It turns to cerebral spinal fluid. When it reaches the brain it transforms again due to the pineal gland. The end result is the golden elixer which drips down from your brain into your nasal ducts then into the mouth where it is swallowed. This process is done during a full moon because the moons gravity pulls on the fluid in your spine to bring it to the head easier. Like when oceans bulge when full moon passes. Then over time this fluid when it reaches the stomach is hardens into a crystal called sarira or philosopher stone, immortal seed ect. Btw after 1000's of books almost none speak of a crystal being formed but you can see it after researching sarira. When a bhuddist monk dies he is cremated and all that remains in a crystal. Also I remember reading about a great pearl. Or even in fiction its called core formation realm. That is to be taken literally. This is my hypothesis. I have never read about in 1000's of books on neidan ect about a actual crystal being formed except with the above mentioned bhuddist sarira. It makes sense cause your blood and bones and everything you are is already a crystal lool. Also i read somewhere all matter is a crystal cuz of the 12 basic minerals. Crystals grow and are living i read somewhere. So all is life. There are higher levels but lets back track and find out how do we super ionize our lecithin? Well energy is also stored in your plasma of your cells and potassium. We humans do the first stage of photosynthesis. You may not know a plant cell and human cell is completely identical except its core which is magnesium ours is iron. Look at the planet made of 70% water 30% land same as our bone and tissue vs our blood ratio. The oceans have the exact same saline percent as our blood. We are also identical to the planet which is kinda creepy lol. So first we have the sun which infuses energy directly into us through the skin and is converted to energy/atp due to human photosynthesis. The sun also infuses the air with energy which we breathe in. Second we got the earth. When you ground to the earth that will cure 99% of ailments all on its own because most ailments come from inflammation. Grounding reverses all inflammation within 15 minutes. The negative ions(electricity) are absorbed through the ground also when you ground you become a vessel for the earths electrostatic field. Think nowadays everyone is wearing insulating material on their feet when it should only be conductive material so energy can pass through. That's why so many illnesses exist. So lastly we can create energy ourselves. Our whole body our blood, bones ect is all crystals. When you apply pressure to a crystal it creates energy. Btw there is only one energy in the universe electromagnetic. I wont get into the hidden secrets of physics right now. So to build Qi, Ki, Chi, Mana, kundalini, energy you need to get into full lotus so the legs apply pressure to themselves or you can stand and bend your knees a little or a lot which applies pressure too. This also have help guide the energy with the pressure to the first chakra. Then you do reverse breathing or tummo while concentrating on your lower intestines. You need to stop all energy leakage by closing the eyes and putting the thumbs in your fist. Tummo breathing is 30 long deeps breaths then exhale all air and hold your breathe with no air in it for 1-2 minutes. When there is no air in the lungs and it is held is the only time when oxygen is released to the brain which is ironic. These steps will fill you with a abundance of electromagnetic energy. This should be done during day and night. Darkness has a profound impact on living things i wont get into just trust me. You should also start eating healthy and do light exercise. Don't forget every thought and movement depletes your energy so don't overdue it with exercise or just cut it out entirely. Make sure your super relaxed when doing it too. Also only eat food the is easily digestible like fruits. There is also the chemical process to create energy called ATP. The original kanji for chi was the symbol for air and grain. Just eat fruits high in potassium. Now there is controversy over ATP saying sodium is more important then potassium but how it was always known is potassium is more important. But your body can transmute sodium into potassium and i believe vice versa. So don't worry to much about it. So we got the power of the Sun, Earth, and Man through piezo electricity and the chemical atp process. Also eating easily digestible foods uses less energy. And the foods we are eating create the most energy. So high in glucose and potassium and you are golden. In other words fruits. This will easily reverse ANYTHING. Not sure if i'm aloud to say cure due to legal reasons. One last thing before i go. In 2011 the guy who discovered HIV also discovered how to create life from nothingness. He took a test tube filled it with amino acids and building blocks to dna. Then he applied 7.83 hz energy wave to it and it created DNA. The building blocks arranged themselves into dna by themselves!! So we know now 7.83hz or schuman resonance is what sparked life on this planet millions of yrs ago. So 7.83h is the same range as brainwaves!! So when you put your mind into that exact range between alpha a theta. With very little to no visualization light focus. If you match that wave you can resonate with it!!! I'm not a master of resonance but i know no energy loss occurs during resonance. So not only do you not lose energy but i think you gain energy from the energy of the atmosphere. Not entirely sure but it makes perfect sense since yogi and other practitioners put there mind in that kind of state. I have research on healing frequencies. healing frequencies 2hz nerves, 7-8hz bones, 10hz ligaments, 15hz capillaries. So by completely stilling your thoughts and sealing the 5 senses you can bring your brainwaves down to 2hz(delta wave) that will heal the brain because its all nerves. I unloaded a lot of information for you guys hopefully this post gets accepted. I don't know if i broke any rules but this information needs to get to people. Out of the 7 or so billion people on the planet the only people that know this stuff is a very small handful. Not many people know the whole scientific breakdown of cultivation. I could go more in depth and show you all more source material. But everything i wrote is backed by scientific fact. I put together a 400 page book on the topic if anyone is interested i'll give it away for free. I got lucky and found one of the only guy on the planet to break it all down scientifically. I took all his work and 10,000 other books on the topic ranging from neidan taoist yogic and scientific research on biology and energy and i compressed it all down to 400 pages. It's proven cells only split when there energy falls low enough. Your cells will only split about 50 times then you die. So what if your cells energy never falls? Are all the stories about people living 500+ years in every culture fake? You decide! The ancient masters never relied on faith to show people god and the truth. They instead put you in a death like state for 3 days. In the state between life and death you would see your soul rise from your body and a umbilical cord connecting the body and soul. During night there would be a bright light in the sky. If you go to the light you will face god. Also if you go towards the darkness its said you would be free but idk maybe you will but you might be some weak being(process might happen for a reason). Astral travel is done same way by slowing the heart down until it practically stops. Honestly i could go on and on and show you how all the 10,000 things perfectly connect. Powers are real too aha but they deplete your energy so they are forbidden. I have all scientific knowledge on exactly how it all occurs. Btw you can transfer energy to other people through your left hand. The right hand sucks away energy. Each hand and part of body has a different pole either positive or negative. So technically if you super healthy you could cure someones cancer just with your left hand lol. Btw you can absorb energy from trees by placing right hand on it and walking around it clockwise. You'll notice over a few weeks the tree will die(demonic technique imo lol). You can cure yourself from cancer that way too!! But please stick with the basics sun earth man air food ect. Good luck and god bless yall. Btw if anyone is interested in the book i put together i can upload it for anyone to download. Its not finished needs to be compressed down to 100 pages but all the secrets are in there. Btw dark matter is electricity. Fight me! There are computer models of it proving its true. We also shot a special rocket at a comet and found out it was super charged with electricity when it was outside our solar system. Also recently we left our solar system and found out there is a extremely high density of plasma out there. Also i can direct you to people showing you the truth of physics how there is only one kind of energy in the universe. also there are only 2 things in the universe with zero dimensions Light and mind. Light is pure mind energy. The great over mind created all matter with his imagination.from light. If you guys find any flaws please feel free to share. This was all written very fast and i'm not some super genius on biology physics ect. You can just think of me as the Great Compiler. p.s. I have many other secrets like coming currency collapse. And truth about covid. And all the truth of what the elites are doing and hiding from us but i'm too tired maybe i will post them later. The world revolves around who can scam each other the best and who can tell the best lies. Its very hard to find the truth. Btw there is only one religion on the planet. I'll break it down into 2 first you got your abrahamic religions which are all the same thing then you got your eastern beliefs taoist bhuddist ect which are all the same thing. What people don't know is that all abrahamic religions have eastern chi qi golden elixer ect in them. For example adam and eve is story of golden elixer. So in other words there is only one religion in the world. Its about mastering the body and mind to connect with god or ascend ect. Enjoy! Goodluck! God bless!
  2. Sorry earl i'll rephrase. I already told them to delete it.. Or can i do it myself?
  3. Mods i already gave you permission to delete this thread idk how. Feels like there's too much hogwash here. This is a delicate issue and needs to be approached in a lighter manner.
  4. Again i never said opposite of life is murder... opposite of life isnt aging either its just death. Opposite of aging is becoming younger through right teachings. Please stop talking about genocide the mods dont like it. But again Opposite of destroying life is creating life.. Its ok to not know opposites. God/dao installed a mental block for everyone to prevent them from knowing. If everyone understood the world is perfect then there would be too much boring order and not enough fun chaos..Again more stuff the mental block will block out but oh well. The opposite of destroying life is not preventing it from being destroyed either.. Opposite of preventing something from being destroyed is preventing something from being created. So why did the dao make everyone so dumb?? Well if everyone was super smart there would be no curiosity, mystery, also would be painful and boring. vice versa ignorance is bliss. So we are all made ignorant and also stupid to be happier. Thank you dao!
  5. I guess atmosphere isn't made of atoms either instead its Heavenly dragons breathe.
  6. Not sure how to delete posts..
  7. Opposite of life is death errr wrong on first one.. Saving someone is preventing them from being destroyed.. what you said is like saying if i made a fire the opposite of that is you stopping me from making the fire in the first place... Illogical Proceation is creating of life.. murder is destroying of life. You lost just give up its getting old.. Also there can be multiple sariras you said.. That still doesn't disprove my theory. The heat in neidan hardens the blood and creates immortal seeds/philosopher stones. They regulate energy or something imo. It is great to know we can make more then one. Never read that in 10k books. Btw jindan is not translated as immortal elixer. The true original translation is bright pearl...
  8. The moon can lift the water 3 feet but it can't lift a single atom.. I guess water isn't made of atoms instead its made out of magical fairy juice..
  9. I got something very interesting i would like to know. I have never read this before but i can feel it in my gut that its true. That the immortal seed, the jindan, great bright pearl, core formation actually exists as a actual crystal. Think about it in neidan there is a a lot of concentrated heat. If you heat your blood which is actually liquid crystal it hardens and becomes a hard crystal jindan. My main evidence that it is a actual crystal is because of bhuddists sarira. If you look up sarira you'll find out when they cremate monks they leave behind a crystal which is the only thing that doesn't burn. Then they put it in a jar with the others. I also heard stories of monks implanting sarira's into there students. They never said what the sarira was.. Except for sarira I have never read or ever heard anyone talk about this so i thought i would put it out there.
  10. Good stuff for me to go through. Didn't realize opposite of murder is saving someone. Feel kinda dumb i didnt think about that lol. But lets think that one through. Lets say i freeze you then its opposite is to unfreeze you. Or the opposite is to burn you idk, But opposite of birth then could be the final blow? Not death but the actual final moment of life or cause. Like birth is is original moment of life. Well then again i still got you because without murder there can be no saviors or heroes. I bet you don't like that. ps. I forgot to mention another thing about yin yang i believe is. Yang is somethingness and yin nothingness. Yin is boredum. For example in space you got the great attractor which you can see. But the great repeller is a empty void. For example Cold is the abscence of heat. Darkness the abscence of light ect. Yin is actual nothingness. Idk if yall agree but fun to think about. Problem i run into though is.. Does cold exist? Most people will say of course it does. But all negatives seem to be the lack of existence to its opposite. Idk lil confused. Up and down of course exists but is down just the lack of up lool they seem pretty equal instead of like light and dark. One more thing is murder is destroying life. I dont see how saving someone is creating life.. more like preventing it from being destroyed. Birth still seems like a suitable opposite because its actual creation of life. Try to dig yourself out of that one lool.... or opposite of murder is procreation. Procreation and birth must be very separate things then? idk so imo opposite of saving someone which is preventing you from being destroyed is actually abortions preventing you from being born. Trust me the rabbit hole goes very deep. When you look into the abyss it looks back at you. This type of knowledge isn't meant for us lowly mortals.
  11. I said before drews stuff makes up like .005% of knowledge on neidan ect subject i have learned... Btw thought cultural genocide was just destroying their history and books. Didn't realize you meant actual genocide. Also nungal its the 5 element theory not 4. Plants made up of 5 functional parts. The part you miss is the fruit/seed. Also the whole yin yang thing was what i was explaining on a sub atomic and large level. Its seen everywhere if yall cant see it then so be it. But yin and yang isnt just black and white. You guys forget the 2 dots on the symbol that are never mentioned. I tried to explain it how they are tied on both ends one creating the other but i give up. 4 forces... how laughable.. There is only one force and all those other things are just a way it expresses itself under certain conditions. Show me a graviton or just throw w/e you know of the myth that is gravity in the trash. Strong and weak force.. doesn't make any sense. Thats like comparing a flashlight with the sun. One being bigger or more powerful then the other doesnt make them different. They are still both light. And lastly electromagnetic is really the only force that exists. Lastly nungali keep hating god/dao on how suffering sucks and shouldn't exist. If you can't see the perfection in it then that means you think the universe is not perfect and in harmony. I guess the dao made a mistake right? Please explain the opposite of what birth is.. you still haven't done that and no its not life. Your argument on how there is life inside before your born but you forgot birth is really just the initial spark of life and not the 9 months of being pregnant. Some organisms give birth in minutes and even seconds. Life and death can exist completely separate from Birth. Birth is the act of creating many. In the beginning there was no birth only the one dao/god/life. God grew lonely and bored so he created the concept of creation and destruction to give rise to birth and murder. There needs to be 2 people for 1 to be born or murdered. creating/giving vs destroying/taking. Your argument for that is suicide. But even if only one person exists that can commit suicide god still created that person. And no god/dao cant commit suicide for the dao/god is existence itself. I guess his wife nihility could maybe kill him. Or i'm wrong and god/dao is nothingness and somethingness combined? But i asked myself is god nothingness. My answer for that was no he or it the dao is definitly somethingness/existence. You really think i havent thought anything through? i'm just speaking gibberish? I give up...
  12. What is greater being smart or being stupid?? Neither they are perfectly balanced. Although being stupid sucks there is great beauty in it. There is a good reason we are not too smart because if we were there would be no mystery and curiosity. You will be more bored and emotionless. If you are stupid then you will be much happier. More emotional and greater excitement. Ignorance is bliss. There are many examples. This relates to suffering/contentment too. What i been trying to explain are GREATER DAOS. There are little daos, medium, large, and greater. All high daos pervade all lower daos. Creation/destruction are found in all things because they are at the top. Only laws above them are imo nihility and its opposite existence are the highest laws. Not sure where infinity fits in but its up there too maybe alongside existence idk even nothingness can be infinite.
  13. LOOL goodnight Lima sweet dreams.
  14. Suffering does not beget suffering. If you got beaten as a child tell me are you going to beat your kids? Give examples to things you say dont just say them(nunali/Earl). Give me a example of suffering bringing about more suffering.
  15. No such thing as CAN"T be cured. There is no poison that doesn't have a antidote. If there is then it hasn't been found yet.
  16. There are people that have cured traumatic stress syndrome with a technique called Rewind. Here is a link to it. Autonomic dysregulation is a bodily disorder which all bodily disorders can be cured with proper procedure. DNA doesn't stay the same and is constantly changing. Not only that but i actually have a whole guide to bring someone back to perfect health. Every disorder is caused from a imbalance too little or too much of something. I had a nervous system problem that has been cured. prediction related issues not sure what you mean but maybe its piano syndrome. Where you become lost in your mind with too much thinking. STOP THINKING there its cured lool. No such thing as not having the ability to return. Except getting legs cut off. Its kinda off topic tho. You having legs(contentment) and removing legs(suffering). Getting fake legs(contentment) fake legs breaking(suffering) Btw imo the whole medical system we have in the west is trash. Imo only good doctor is a surgeon.
  17. Cleansox you asked for mechanical process on how the moons gravity affects the water in our body and what its doing. I'll try to find a answer. But i think since liquid(spinal FLUID) is easily moved instead of like bones. Then if it can be pulled or moved it will.
  18. Lima your not a bad guy. But i think you can see who are really being rude. If you just listen to everything nungali and earl says its not hard to see whats going on.
  19. Give examples for pushed beyond their ability to return. It's easy to say things not so easy to find examples then really think them through. I did mention however WHEN(which takes time) they do return they will be infinitely times more happy and stronger. There is no such thing as not having the ability to return imo
  20. Also for suffering i will list a bunch of examples to get it through your thick heads.. 1.If you starve(suffering) food tastes 1000 times better and you are more grateful loving towards it(contentment). If you eat fav food everyday(contentment) you become sick of it and hate it(suffering) 2.If i punched you in the face(suffering) you will be very grateful when i stop hitting you(contentment). If you never get hit in your life(contentment) when i do hit you its gonna hurt a lot more cuz your not used to it no resistance(suffering) 3. If a plant is exposed to harsh winds/storm(suffering) when it stops it will become stronger and survive easier(contentment). If you baby a plant in a green house for too long(contentment) then put it outside in hard winds ect it will die very fast(suffering) 4.If you have a toothache(suffering) you will be extremely happy when its healed(contentment). If you never had a toothache(contentment) you will feel like killing yourself when you finally get one(suffering) 5.If your loved on dies(suffering) you will cherish life a lot more(contentment). If no one you love dies for a long time(contentment) you will be extremely hurt when they finally do cuz you spent more time with them(suffering). 6. If you are extremely ugly(suffering) you will feel ecstatic when you get plastic surgery(contentment). If you were always good looking(contentment) you will be filled with hate when your face gets messed up(suffering) There are MILLIONS of examples. Its not so extreme every time. There is a big scale and whatever place on it you are will determine HOW MUCH suffering or contentment you feel. Most people have to deal with both so they are closer to the neutral point of the scale... For example if you have very mild pain then WHEN its healed you will only be mildly grateful. This will also determine what kind of person you become. If you suffering a lot everyday you will become more resistant and stronger towards it. You will also cherish life a lot more and have love for all things. You will know how to do many things like grow your own food ect. If you are spoiled rotten you will become a nasty degenerate. Peverted, hateful, destructive ect you wont know how to do anything because everything was always given to you or for food for example it was grown for you and you just bought it in a store. p.s when i say suffering there are many levels for example Work. Hard work is technically suffering and how much is how hard your job is. Not all work is like this. Also contentment could be something as small as buying food ect from the store. Driving a car. Having a home. Being complimented. If i keep complimenting you then you will have a over inflated ego which leads to many bad things. If you were scorn a lot then you will correct your mistakes and when i finally do compliment you it will have a lot more meaning to it and make you much happier. If you tell your wife you love her everyday it will become worn out she won't believe you. If you only say it once in a while or rarely she will be completely ecstatic hearing it from you. Did i dumb it down enough for you? nungali / earl grey
  21. Life and birth are completely separate things.... Life is like existence and birth more like creation. Birth is the act of creating life. Of Course when its in the womb its in the process of being birthed/born. Opposite of birth is not death. Opposite of death is life... Opposite of giving life(birth) is taking life(murder). I found a discussion on this topic on the internet. Many people with many different answers and only one guy realized its murder/killing. If you still don't believe then what is the opposite of murder/killing?
  22. Btw suffering becomes a much purer form of contentment/happiness. "BECOMES" is not a instant process. The ones who commited suicide is not a good argument against this. They didn't wait long enough. Or if they were rich then taking that away they had to endure a much purer form of suffering. So them committing suicide is likely. I remember a rich friend of mine who lost all his money. He told me its harder for rich people to become poor. Its more devastating(purer). Instead of always being poor. If you don't agree with things i say then why don't you find its solution instead of posting nonsensical drivel? Like for example you guys argue the opposite of birth is not murder. Then what is it? Instead of "Your wrong ahah i'm right" what are you right about?? honestly you guys make no sense to me feels like im speaking to children. Also you guys literally have a whole page dedicated on how there is no high tide during a full moon really???? just look it up. Its not hard....instead of typing in" full moon tide" then going to google images and trying to explain a image you guys know nothing about.... honestly i feel like the more i read the dumber i become...
  23. I really didn't expect to run into trolls when posting this. Nungali and earl grey literally take snippits of sentences i put together. Rearrange them and skip the point. Then ask me whats the point and try to make me look stupid? Really???. I guess you guys like having over inflated egos fed. You like bullying people to turn someone into a scapegoat for others to laugh at. Fortunately literally everything you guys say makes zero sense. So i'm not worried.
  24. Just got one question for you. Is the universe perfect???