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  1. Ausar a Fraud?

    I saw the start of the thread, but then at the end you posted quotes off his website, I was confused as to the intent. Thanks for clarifying though. It seems like common sense that anyone who would try to sell enlightenment would be a fraud.
  2. Ausar a Fraud?

    Shiva, are you promoting his work? I don't understand.
  3. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    I've got a question: My practice has a lot of static holds. I find that my shoulders have become very sore, making daily practice difficult. What should I do to counteract this? Should I rest and dismiss the idea of daily practice? Should I continue and hope that the practice will eventually tone up my shoulders to the point where the holds become easier?
  4. Hi all. I've been practicing Flying Phoenix for about two weeks now, and I'm really enjoying it. A heat wave is about to hit Southern California unfortunately, and I don't want to break my streak of practice. So my question is, is qigong (or specifically Flying Phoenix if anyone knows) safe to practice in the water? I know a strong wind is no go, but what about a nice mellow pool?
  5. Kunlun Wild Goose Qigong

    That seems to be the consensus unfortunately. I don't have the money for these things, and these books and DVD's, at least to get a whole set, are expensive. Dr. Hu's stuff is free to watch on prime, so that's all I have access to for now. I've noticed a small difference in my mental fortitude after even just a few days of forms 1 and 4 twice a day.
  6. Wild Goose Questions

    Thanks for the reply Starjumper.
  7. Hello. I am brand new to qigong. I am very poor, but through my wife's Amazon Prime account I have access to Dr. Bingkun Hu's Wild Goose series of DVD's. His series of DVD's is great, even though the form is dauntingly complex for someone like me. However, I'm curious as to the proper way to practice this. Do you practice the Wild Goose method? How did you start? How did you start your qigong practice in general? Any tips, experiences, or anecdotes are welcome. Thank you
  8. Kunlun Wild Goose Qigong

    I can definitely see that, but I've seen other posts on this board from people who have suffered similar health issues to myself claiming great benefits from mastering the form. I am kind of at my wits end, health-wise, having gone through dozens of specialists, hundreds of tests, numerous ER visits, and a number of other harrowing experiences only to constantly be told "Your tests all come back normal, so... check up with your GP if the symptoms persist I guess." So, I'm fairly committed to putting in the work to make sure I can do this well. Having done what I've done thus far, I can already tell that there are small but noticeable differences in my health in a positive direction (less severe aches and pains, less gastritis symptoms, less mind fog, less background anxiety). As such, I'm not coming into this hoping that all my woes will be cured, but by all accounts, this system seems very for providing baseline health and recovery.
  9. Kunlun Wild Goose Qigong

    I know this is an ancient thread, but does anyone have advice on the proper order to practice this system? I am brand new to qigong and have access to Dr. Bingkun Hu's videos through my wife's Amazon Prime account. I'm currently doing form 1 and form 4 one time through each, twice a day because I read a few places that this is a good method for beginners, but I have no idea how accurate that information is. If anyone has any advice on a good order, training regimen, or general tips, I'd be very glad to hear them.
  10. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Generally you can see any type of disturbance in the SCOBY as you're brewing it. If it's mold, it's clearly mold. Yeast will make it look off as well. When it comes to what happened in my brew, it was too close to the area where I prepare food, and some kind of bacteria must've gotten in. If you practice general safety and sanitation with it, you'll be alright.
  11. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    I'm a big fan of kombucha. I was brewing my own for the better half of this year, but my brew got infected with something that gave me a severe food poisoning episode and set my whole gut into disarray. I'll be restarting when I have better conditions to brew in. At the moment, I don't have adequate space with good enough airflow to make it properly it seems.
  12. Hello from a Novice

    Sovereign of the Three Realms is my jam lately. A lot of fun.
  13. Hello from a Novice

    Hello all. I've been lurking around these forums for a while now without an account, but I'm here now, ready to dive in to the wide world of qigong. I was introduced to the topic of qigong through wuxia novels. I'm well aware that the manifestation of dragons and phoenixes is outside of the realm of reality, but I've always been interested in the self-healing aspects of qigong and the numerous reports and studies that show the efficacy of the practice. Looking forward to meeting you all.