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  1. Hi - I have always had an affinity with practices that employ visualization and imagery combined with the felt sense. A few that come to mind are the famous inner smile and the visualization of a golden,luminous liquid egg that descends down the body clearing away any tension and blockages etc. I can't remmeber the source of this but I know it had connections with Zen /Chan. Can anyone point me in the way of some others? Many thanks! (Mods, feel free to move if this is in the wrong section -wasn't sure where to put it)
  2. Balance and Nourishment (new here!)

    Which game is that? I put no special thought in to it to be honest- other than Yin- Water/liquid , Yang -Fire/sun!
  3. Balance and Nourishment (new here!)

    Thanks for the welcomes. Harmony , yes. I followed perhaps a fairly typical pattern of newcomers believing that vitality, sexual virility and vigour were the way forward and so in many ways over-heated my system with excessn, neglecting all things yin and harmony in the process. It's taken me a long time to understand the value of Observing the yin/Yang balancing cycle but the habits and effects are now very deeply entrenched in my body, mind and energy syetem. Kind of kicking myself that I didn't think more holistically about it all years ago but I suppose we can only shed old skin at the natural pace.
  4. Balance and Nourishment (new here!)

    Hi everyone, I've been an occasional visiter here for a little while but have finally decided to get more involved. I'm open to all wisdom paths but I predominately follow Buddha-Dharma. I'm here looking to deepen my experience of the internal arts. At present I have a yin-deficiency with heat and my liver and kidneys are doing their best to keep the show on the road! After many years of addressing imbalanced lifestyle & diet I'm now more confident that my herbal and energetic interventions will be more effective in bringing physical and spiritual nourishment. Consistency and the maintaining of habits is my current challenge. Happy to be here and hoping to learn more!