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  1. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    Yes, I mean all of so called "lectures", "courses", "retreats" and "transmission of Taoist wisdom" given to heterogeneous audience in different levels of understanding and spiritual development. Sometimes those kind of gatherings can even lead astray a prospective talented student. ....and most importantly the inner path and what is the right mode to deal when the first signs of successful cultivation take place. IMHO this can be transmitted only tête à tête and there is no amount of money equal to the right method.
  2. On my way....with some (flesh !) obstacles ahead

    OK, May be you're right. I shouldn't have used a gender stereotype. See, there are so many quotes like that; "Men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love" . The main point is that the energy flow (up and down through n. vagus) in both sexes can be used for cultivation purposes. Simply put: when it is directed down we get the mundane common orgasm, when it is reversed and goes up (very difficult task, going against the flow) we get nirvana. Let's call it orgasm from above, if you don't mind. The mundane common orgasm is called "the small death" because you're actually out of the picture for let's say 0.4 seconds. Here is what I know from my own experience: it is impossible to get the higher form of fleshy pleasure without some form sincere feelings. Mantak Chia explains exactly that better than me. (I don't like him nor his books but he is right)
  3. On my way....with some (flesh !) obstacles ahead

    Hey, Hi! Your post is sooo sincere: "But still : i keep on struggling with one big obstacle : lust." Guess what? The same thing men call lust (sexual desire) is what females call "Love" (affection, feelings). In the end of the day all of us do the same thing (something in between those two imaginary notions). Lust or Love, no matter how you name it, it can be used for cultivation purposes too. Amor Magister Optimus est. (Love is the supreme teacher)
  4. hahaha! Such a great method to achieve DAO! Actually I read the book from the source you posted plus I know the guy personally. He really believes that he has invented a method not to retain jing in order to transform it to QI and that not to ejaculate is an insult to TAO (in his own words). So in his opinion all Taoist scriptures are wrong. Thanks again for the great resource!
  5. The Tao of disappointment

    And here, especially for you, Mig, an example of a man (Bruce Lipton) that has reached this "truth" intellectually only and he is trying to "explain" it!!! I'm rolling on the floor laughing! He is giving very good metaphor but still hasn't reach non-duality empirically. He is so damn close! Only needs to experience it by himself.
  6. The Tao of disappointment

    IMHO yes, so called "truth" obviously exists - it's the realization of the primordial field. When someone realizes (not intellectually, but from their own experience) that they are part of the ONE/DAO, the fear of death immediately disappears. Thus they call it "liberalization". See "Gospel of Truth".http://gnosis.org/naghamm/got.html That's why it is said "You'll realize the truth and the TRUTH will set you free" That's why all practitioners (yogi, Taoist adepts, Christian monks......) that actually seek immortality are called "truth seekers". I like how the author of "Everlasting life" puts it, quoting Can Tong Qi: "The idea of everlasting life has nothing to do with hankering after life. The truth is actually there is no death. Because there is only one single energy, only one force, not two." You have to overcome duality, non-two, bu er, advaya. (I have the whole book on pdf, so it would be pleasure to upload it here). Again: it is not enough to conceptualize it intellectually only, one needs to experience it in vivo. Here all kind "methods" are applied and so many different schools appear. Very good question, btw.
  7. The Tao of disappointment

    Yes, exactly. He teaches in Belgium and France - it's difficult to reach him. That's why I believe the files I uploaded are useful.
  8. The Tao of disappointment

    Hope it will be useful for many truth seekers. It's in French, but it's easy to translate using google translator. Notice the book "The Tao fully explained" by Emmanuel Rodriguez. His teacher Igor is 26 generation immortal and the guy really knows (and explained in the book) what the heck "immortality" is per se. And most importantly - how to achieve it! The next best is the seminar with Master Meng.
  9. taoist and qigong resources for women

    Hey! Hi, ONE! Interesting name of yours! Did you ever reconsider that actually (and in very material sense) the X chromosome contains several axons more than the Y chromosome??? All of 70 billiards cells in the female organism emit more bio-light than the cells in the male body. So... what's the point? DNA emits bio-pfotons when oscillate. Female nervus vagus is a bit shorter than the male one. (xing and ming are closer) ..... In consequence women can accomplish the job of achieve immortality a bit faster than men. Only if they new how!!! Sh****t!
  10. Hello all seekers!

    I am interested in the Taoist methodes to achieve ballance, improve health, prolong life and eventually reach celestial immortality.