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  1. I'm looking to see if we could start a collection of images designed for one to meditate upon. For example this image created by Franz Bardon to meditate upon or the images within this book (Specifically the Notae) which are designed to be used with the text to enhance the pace of development and growth of ones development and skills. Ideally I am looking for images from all systems but specifically ones that are known to work. I do know there are some meditation practices such as looking at a candle, mirror or colored papers as well and if you have a story there as well that would be great to hear. This is something I would like to collect to possibly make into a single work as I am not sure such a collection has been made available before.
  2. Once one learns the Truth, the goal is to get good at being it. There are no limits so which direction do you go?
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    Hey I just wanted to stop in and say hi as a new forum member. Last year I had a very intense spiritual experience that has led me to all sorts of new paths, one of which is here.