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  1. Seeking Wisdom

    This is true, I'm questioning the validity of what I'm feeling, or really, the reasons for why I'm feeling what I'm feeling. I appreciate I'm being vague too; so it's difficult to offer specific advice. Part of me is feeling, if I ask others what to do, I'm kind of out-sourcing a decision I should be making myself (when perhaps others are not fully aware of all the ins and outs and history). Maybe it's better to make our own decisions, even if they are wrong or misguided, as we'll never learn from our own mistakes if we don't... However, I also feel I want to be more specific. It's a complex situation though, feels like a tangled knot with lots of threads, that need gently and skillfully prying apart in the right order. There's multiple perspectives (literally several people involved) and ways of looking at this. It could well be that I'm out of order, for making it in to any kind of issue (if only in my own head and on this thread). I've got something else (unrelated) going on at the moment too, mom has just gone in to hospital; but I'll try and expand more on the situation as soon as I can.
  2. Seeking Wisdom

    Thank you to everyone who has responded. You have all given me things to contemplate and mull over. Super appreciate it. The comment relating to where an impulse to act is coming from, felt very much pertinent to my situation. It's been a few weeks now; but I remember back then, questioning my own motive for action (and reasons for feeling how I do about the situation). I haven't taken any action thus far; but I still feel the situation persists and is unresolved. I believe I felt (and still do feel) somewhat slighted or diminished by my discovery. How I am feeling though, is built on top of residual feelings of belittlement (in relation to one person) that have been brewing for decades. So I am perhaps reacting to my own history and stored resentment.
  3. Seeking Wisdom

    I have a quandary. A situation has come up. I have recently become aware of something. I am unsure as to the wisdom of acting in response to this something (and if so, what form that action may take) or to do nothing or ignore it. So, seeking wisdom really. I generally feel, when one is in a state of uncertainty, to do nothing, just wait for more clarity and possibly a right course of action to reveal itself, is best. Also, problems come up in life, and I feel we need to find the answers within ourselves, rather than delegating the responsibility to others, to tell us what to do etc. There has to be value in getting other people’s perspectives on stuff though, reflecting on that and contrasting with our own perspective?
  4. While it's clearly a better investment of time and energy to focus on something more positive and constructive, let's say, for some reason (shits and giggles) you wanted to infiltrate a cult, with a view to being disruptive and ultimately dismantling it (eroding the credibility and influence of cult leader etc). How would you go about doing that (in a manner that doesn't harm yourself of course)?
  5. Jimi Hendrix = god

    Yes!! Hendrix is frikkin awesome. And Pali Gap in particular, is such a sublime and beautiful piece of music.
  6. Mental Tightening

    You know when you clench a muscle, and it sort of tightens, there is tension and rigidity and a kind of tightness in that muscle... Well, I find at times, my mind does the same. It's like trying too hard to solve a problem, thinking too much.. Does anyone else notice that? I'm sure it's extremely common-place. I just had an awareness that that's what ai was doing with my mind, and that it's a theme (often happens with me). My teacher, once said to me 'relax'. I think perhaps he didn't mean just physically. Life is a struggle though. What's a chap to do?
  7. Excuse my ignorance; but if someone is critisizing a thing or making a comparison, surely they're not critisizing the actual thing, but their perception of the thing? In a way, they're not so much talking about the thing, as they are talking about themselves.
  8. Primative Technology

    I'm thinking, aside from any other consideration; what he's doing must be really good for his state of mind. Especially in contrast with a typical person today, who's saturated with gadgets, screens and gizmos. I work with that crap all day, and long term, I find it has quite a pernacious effect on the mind. We have a sceduled power cut in the morning (they're exceptionally rare here in the UK), so I won't be able to use computers; quite looking forward to it...
  9. Primative Technology

    Thought this may be of interest to some. It's the YouTube channel of a chap who builds everything from scratch, only using resources available in his environment. It's basically like he's living in the stone age. Amazing how resourceful he is and what he actually manages to put together; everything to keep himself alive; buildings (huts with tiled roofs and underfloor heating!), weopons, food, tools...
  10. What is the most essential habit?

    Does that mean going to be, getting up, at the same time every day? What sort of time would you recommend? Also, I imagine it's a good idea to quieten the mind before sleep? Another consideration would be to turn off all electrical equipment in the bedroom. For me, I tend to work in a bedroom and have a lot of computing equipment, so lights, noise, heat etc, creates a unhealthy environment for sleep.
  11. What is the most essential habit?

    Ha! I just knew that was coming.
  12. It's not coming home, yet...

    I think it's a great thing, when all hope seems lost, not giving up. I suppose as with any sport, a massive part of it is psychological / mental attitude.
  13. If you had to pick one thing, one habit, that has the most positive impact (or negates harm to your person), what would it be? I'm not sure there is a correct answer to the question, probably, it will vary from person to person... For me, I'm not sure, but I would think something that creates calmness of mind ... as it's normally very agitated, which I know is not good.
  14. I'm not usually bothered with football; but this World Cup, and England's journey through it, has peaked my interest. We (what an odd way of looking at it, to say 'we', when I was never there, never on the pitch) just lost in the semi-final to Croatia. So sad. Defeat... Still, I think the England team can be proud of their performance, and look to grow from the experience. Someone once said; victory isn't so much in the winning, it's in how you respond to (learn from) defeat. Anyone else been watching the World Cup?
  15. "Spiritual Master" Bs

    I would think people who have a high degree of mastery (in most things), generally don't go around claiming to be masters or bragging about it. Bragging about it could imply they're getting some kind of gratification for you having acknowleged (and so, reinforced) their mastery.