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  1. Hi - I had an experience that started in a dream where i met my 'spirit guide' - I've never been aware of one before but that was who this character was in the dream. He took me to a place and said 'this is where old souls sometimes come when its time to die'. He then showed me forwards to go on alone. It was like stepping through a portal or something out of the dream world where lots of things switched all at once - I came out of my dream body and felt like I was just a tiny point, the whole surroundings shook and vibrated like the whole world was shaking apart, all kinds of moving shifting light appeared around me, beautiful sounds were all around me - all shifting and changing constantly in tones and all so loud, also I felt like i was rushing upwards, and also a feeling of very strong love. It also felt like i was moving towards the source of the love and as I did so everything got stronger (light, sounds, feelings etc). And the source of it felt like an aware being (god?) in the way you can sometimes feel when someone has their attention on you, but it was a purely loving attention. It quickly got so strong that i heard myself say 'i can't take this any more' and I popped out of the whole experience and was sitting upright in my bed (which has never happened before either.) This happened about 10 years ago - 10-15 years after I started meditating and doing chi gong etc. Since then I often think back to it during practice or just in general. I also get weaker versions of the sensations coming back sometimes in practice, but nothing near as focused or intense. Also its only really the feelings, not the lights or sounds. And yes its also awesome and fulfilling and definitely helps spur me on in practice.
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want." Calvin & Hobbes
  3. What are you listening to?

    Dimash Kudaibergenov - SOS of an Earthly Being in Distress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyUu2ZS4VBA
  4. New here - first post

    Thanks for the welcomes =)
  5. New here - first post

    Hi all - I've been interested in areas covered on this forum since back in the early 90's when I first dabbled in meditation. Since then I worked from a book/video on Zhan Zhuang, read into Tibetan Buddhism a bit, then had a year or two learning some Chi Kung from a teacher. I also dabbled in Reiki and alternative therapies. For the last 20 years I've been practicing on my own with bits cobbled together from all those areas, plus things I've learned directly and read online along the way. I'm mainly here to try and connect with other people in this field, and to see what else I can integrate into what I'm doing already.