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  1. To circulate RenMai--DuMai smoothly, that means to get through "小周天", the important energy is from genital energy under a special condition, which means there has the genital erection without the sexual desire(活子时, this is the pure energy), and this is the Yao(药medicine). and when the energy is full of all the body, and all the meridians is full of energy, even if the QiJingBaMai(奇经八脉), by then the "大周天" will have been smoothly, that means there's no obstruction in the meridians, we can be more "清静无为--天人合一" The lower DanTian is to store the energy(炼精化气), and the energy is free to use by ur decision, one purpose is to get throught 小周天, and also can impact the middle DanTian, and finaly Top Dantian. let three of them combine in the line. but I'll get through RenDu firstly. For ur reference
  2. yeah , in chinese that means "清静无为", by then the desires will be gone. and one important thing is to reduce the energy supplying of genital gland, or balance the genital energy, dont let the desire get stimulated from there. we need to get the pure energy flow upwards, dont flow downwards. such as RenMai(任脉)---DuMai(督脉). For your reference
  3. Dao(道) means the everything, including the law of nature, universe, etc. so thats DaoFaZiRan(道法自然), and Dao produced one(WuJi无极), one produced two(Yin Yang), two produced three(天地人), and three produced everthings.(From DaodeJing道德经) and we practice in the Taoist way, which always let us be Wu Wei(无为), that means not to have much desire for ourselves, need to live following the Dao. also in the meditation, always begin with WuWei state.
  4. In my opinion, the emotion is affected by various factors, the most important one is the EXPECTATION/DESIRE. For instance, if the results are not what you want to be, then the emotion will be disappointed. on the other hand, the Qi balance of body is also very important for us, if the QI is not smooth(or blocked in somewhere), the emotion will also be changed by it. so balance is the important thing, and how to balance it is the "KongFu" of mind-heart. About the WUXING(五行) of body, which is 木火土金水(Mu Huo Tu Jin Shui), is related to our five organ(and the five-organs are not exactly like phisical five-organs), very complicated to understand by our phisical knowledge. (there are FiveZangShen(五脏神) in there), need the balance between them. and there are relationship between emotion and five-organ. which is "怒伤肝, 喜伤心, 忧伤肺, 思伤脾, 恐伤肾" from Huang Di Nei Jing"黄帝内经" . About the Chinese Medicine, the original medicine is the Taoist-Medicine(道医), and the doctor has the special power on it, such as penetrative visual ability(透视), or QiGong(气功) etc For your reference
  5. YangShen is immortal for us, and the golden embryo(圣胎) is the beginning of YangShen, it will give birth to YangShen, which process needs a long time, and practicing it for a long time. YuanShen isn't the energy to nurture the YangShen, they are the same, different stage different name, the energy is the innate/pure QI. If we want to intermit the Samsara, we need to find/practice it and keep the mindfulness in the heart always, and don't be delusional/desired for outside things. Do you meditate/zazen?
  6. You meant YuanShen(元神)? who can wander through the space? thats the YangShen mostly, just different state of YuanShen, YangShen(not YinShen) is the final purpose, and Yinshen and Yangshen all belong to Yuanshen, just different state. we need to practice the YuanShen more powerful, get rid of negative energy/emotions etc, just need to be pure Yang. About DanSha(丹砂cinnabar), its just a metaphor, not the DanShan material.
  7. Not exactly, Shen is complicated to explain, need everyone to experience it, beyond the words. If we don't activate it, the Yushen(元神) can only do something in subconscious state. If you are interesting in Taoist Culture, even eager to practice the profound meaning, I can recommend you an ancient Taoist book. which is <<钟吕传道集>> Zhong Lv Chuan Dao Ji
  8. Here's the chinese proverb: 精(Jing)足不思淫(lust/desire), 气(Qi)足不思食(eat), 神(Shen)足不思眠(sleep) In my opinion the Jing is the pure energy, most of it in the kidneys(肾精), so the purpose is to reinfore the power of kidneys mostly, and this is the first step, called ""百日筑基", to get the body back to the childhood state closely, so that, we can reinfore body energy again and again and then flow it into the up-body, and on the contrary we can also enjoy our beautiful life, different ways different destinations...
  9. In my opinion, Shen(神) is similar with the subconsciousness, and there are several kinds of Shen, such as organ-shen Wuguan(五官)-shen awareness-shen Yin-shen(阴神) Yang-shen(阳神)... and the Dantian function is different for our practing, and very important, the bottom Tandian is to practice 炼精化气, the middle is to 炼气化神, and the top is to 炼神还虚, and the final step is to 炼虚合道, when the bottom Dantian is full of energy, it will flow into the middle, and the middle is the same to top.
  10. Taoist practitioners

    @Fa Xin @Marblehead very nice~ I'll take a look at some posts here, and share my experience with everyone. the Taoist culture advocates the "Dao Fa Zi Ran"道法自然, the laws of nature for everything, and inner alchemy don't follow that rules fully, the practicing of taoist is a process to find the original things of body, such as original QI (先天一炁)~ THX dante
  11. Taoist practitioners

    Dear all Taoist brothers/sisters, Very glad to come here to talk with u about Taoist culture and practicing. Actually, Im glad to join Taoist practicing groups , and want to know the development of foreign Taoist culture, not only the Taoist teachings dissussion, but also the Taoist practicing, such as JingQiShen, DanTian(丹田), ZhouTian(周天), Kanli(坎离), etc. Have a good day to all From Dante