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  1. It is 'a cat' Nungali Thank you for sharing the knowledge about rats and mice.
  2. Thank you for your response Kar3n, I will be more relaxed next time when I hear the cat running all over my head knowing that it is not haunted or directed via spirit Teacher seems busy all the time (I know from my older e-mails which I couldn't receive any answer yet) but I will try to write his assistant to see if there is any explanation according to practices we are doing. And if those things would happen again I will definitely try your technique, thanks a lot.
  3. Please Apech, that would be nice I appreciate for you to take time and wrote detailed answer. I'm in a group but the group I'm practicing with coming together once in a 3 month. I hope there will be a chance to ask teacher's opinion about this issue about 1.5 month later. Except the one whole weekend training once in a 3 month I'm practicing on my own. I will do it Apech and I really do know I should just explore these things with interest on the basis of getting feedback about energy but this curiosity and the feeling of satisfaction while getting know about the unknown things sometimes outweighs. No Kar3n, I definitely love them.
  4. Hello guys, I know this is first post after my welcome section post but I really wanted to post this due to can't come up with an idea and solution on my own. So I'm apologize for this. I've started to feel anxious during nights because of the clicking and tapping sounds along with the cat running at the roof and then suddenly stopping on top of me (i suppose) which I'm more aware of them nowadays since I recently done researches about spiritual realted things. I also doing qigong and neigong practices (don't know if it is related but wanted to mention) . Especially there was a moment one week ago, a cat (i suppose because they are generally running at the roof during daytime) walked toward me (while the cat at the roof and i was sitting on the bed) and i suddenly felt the hair on the back of my neck standed up and kind of a energy lifted up. I don't have any idea is it because of the fear or just my brain playing games (delusions?) cause to felt those kind of things so I really wanted to ask you about this. Hope I stated everything clearly. If there were any unclear detail I will try to explain it in a better way. Have a nice day everyone,
  5. Hello from Turkey

    Hello Marblehead, thank you that would be awesome actually but I'm studying civil engineering. Maybe feng shui practices would fit my area.
  6. Hello from Turkey

    Hello Fa Xin, thank you for your help and hospitality
  7. Hello from Turkey

    Hello guys, I'm so excited and happy to be in a place like this. I'm currently studying at university and currently researching and practicing about inner alchemy with qigong and neigong practices.