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  1. Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

    I don't know why these didn't come up when I tried to search but I definitely appreciate you posting this here and I will of course review it .
  2. Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

    I'm New here and Will assume by DDJ that you mean Tao Te Ching. I always saw the text as valid and drew inspirations from it . In fairness I would like to compare his opinions on the matter to other teachers to see if this is something that is agreed upon in other lineages .
  3. Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

    It seemed to be a system that is online and has many interesting aspects. I can't say that I was seeking Magick from the outside but seeing it as a part of the lineage made it more interesting . Even more interesting is that no one here would green light this lineage. Which is okay because at the end of the day I'm more about the truth than just hearing what I want to hear .
  4. Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

    Thank You for your help here . I've also like Rawn's work a lot , I've read a little here and there mainly his Bardon work
  5. Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

    Please do tell about better systems and teachers. I'm all ears . Part of the reason I joined this site . Thank You
  6. Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

    Whoa very interesting. I'm looking for all Opinions on this matter and of course . I'm doing my own research
  7. Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

    Can anyone tell me more about this Guy. I tried searching here to see if this System is Discussed here. Would this be considered a genuine lineage ? I'm posting the website and another video :
  8. Hello From Atlanta

    I'm here seeking to become more knowledgeable for one, and looking into finding out more about different Taoist Systems and Taoist School
  9. Hello From Atlanta

    Thank You. I look forward to moving up the ranks and making great contributions to this website.
  10. Hello From Atlanta

    Just introducing myself. Greeting to everyone from Atlanta