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  1. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    Thanks @ilumairen
  2. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    You dont know how much you were true here https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:LsUj17WNXHcJ:https://journals.library.ualberta.ca/esc/index.php/ESC/article/download/24855/18313+&cd=2&hl=fr&ct=clnk&gl=fr&client=firefox-b-d "It has been stated in this thread that differences between men and women are due to there being differences in hormonal balance. But it would make at least as much sense to say that differences in hormonal balance are due to there being differences between men and women. For instance, in Hinduism, we talk about Shiva and Shakti. Other traditions use different names and terms, but I believe all of them make that distinction between the male principle and the female principle as one of the foundations of existence. And hormonal balances reflect that universal order - it's hardly the other way around." On wikipedia we can read: Modern feminism challenges the essentialist view of gender as biologically intrinsic.[161][162] For example, Anne Fausto-Sterling's book, Myths of Gender, explores the assumptions embodied in scientific research that support a biologically essentialist view of gender.[163] In Delusions of Gender, Cordelia Fine disputes scientific evidence that suggests that there is an innate biological difference between men's and women's minds, asserting instead that cultural and societal beliefs are the reason for differences between individuals that are commonly perceived as sex differences.[164] therefore your point on differences of male and women by nature make no sense to them. so it made sense to speak of hormone instead of shatki. "Good! Then at least one place is trying to balance out the world at large. And some of us actually like women 😍 I must say, it feels good that you felt the need to repeat things from my post. That brings warmth to my heart. 😁 You obviously disagree. And then you probably also disagree to the statistic that in many non-warring countries, the statistically most dangerous man for a woman is the one she is in a relationship with, tightly followed by close male relatives (which relates to my comment about protection). " those are easy widespread statistics you really think you learn me something here ? I wonder if your mind can grasp the fact that most violence come from people who have the « protector » role and « abusing it ». Think of a Dad spanking his daughter « for her ultimate good » Army role is often to protect.Best strategist worldwide mix attack and defence so well you cant tell if they are defending or attacking.To protect and to be wililng to fight for are really close.You just abide to a war mechanism We are 7000000000 human on earth,endless generation without control is not for the « ultimate good » shifting paradigm and using kabbalah i'm just saying chesed need to be controled by gevurah. You must not act nice to someone who misbehave, unless you want misbehavior to grow. Overprotection is oppresion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_are_wonderful_effect https://becauseits2015.wordpress.com/2017/06/10/the-women-are-wonderful-effect-we-dont-live-in-a-culture-of-misogyny/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-group_favoritism a quote from the text « This research found that while both women and men have more favorable views of women, women's in-group biases were 4.5 times stronger[25] than those of men and only women (not men) showed cognitive balance among in-group bias, identity, and self-esteem, revealing that men lack a mechanism that bolsters automatic preference for their own gender » now https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriarchy if you read matriarchy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matriarchy you'll be able to read « Most anthropologists hold that there are no known societies that are unambiguously matriarchal.[58][59][60] According to J. M. Adovasio, Olga Soffer, and Jake Page, no true matriarchy is known actually to have existed.[54] Anthropologist Joan Bamberger argued that the historical record contains no primary sources on any society in which women dominated.[61] » seeing how we are naturally biased in favor of women it make sense to balance it by living in a patriarchy.... https://becauseits2015.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/defining-demonstrating-understanding-male-disposability/ Let me learn you something http://www.batteredmen.com/NISVS.htm or maybe on more ancient study https://web.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm (the reference are quite heavy there ….) men need protection from their women too ! And nothing (almost) is done for them Overprotection is oppresion One wild guess (also a trial of a better woking definition) ,patriarchy is the set of all mechanism that leads to women overprotection and men underprotection "This article is decidedly feminist, and it presents some valid points. https://fairplayforwomen.com/biological-sex-differences/" this article sure is feminist seeing their unproved claim and this article being intellectually dishonest It repeat feminist claim like a mantra . I seriously dont understand why feminist focus so much on the pay gap rather than the life expectancy gap,they value more money than life! https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Gender_pay_gap (it is the best attempt I could do at an unbiased source of information,and i could go on like this with all of the claims...)) Now more importantly is is seriouslry transphobic and give claim like it is undisputable,while in truth NOBODY KNOW https://www.mdedge.com/obgyn/article/163266/osteoporosis/transgender-women-ht-have-lower-bone-density-more-fat-mass-men (who did say that hormone doesnt change bone density already?)
  3. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    There is a little quote button but that quote all the text. I can erase the rest and make people believe I did read all and that for sure it is not out of context. This is just more convenient to the eyes I guess I know how to edit my post
  4. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    OK, I guess it is your time shift that you will use
  5. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    No you are biased kar3n in wanting me to edit to avoid suspension.I will not want to keep writing on a platform that is both Judgemental, limiting, and harmful (I'm joking here) And that judge a quote out of context as face value Backspace on phone? Let's just say I'm not proficient in writing on my phone
  6. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    I know how to do it but on phone this is not handy
  7. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    The correlation is in the words toughness and you can use it as an image to better represent what I'm trying so hard to tell. When one is tough one is less prone to experience "break"
  8. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    Thanks for your concern but that prove a lot that a false threat like this is taken seriously. This is the overpresent, man are evils narrative. I'll play the victim if needed to, I don't mind
  9. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    A glass is not a people with PTSD Never implied that, you yet again quote out of context .having ptsd is a tough experience, overcoming it is tough. Having it don't make you tougher. Being prone to ptsd is not a sign of mental toughness as being prone to ptsd is a sign of mental sensitiveness If someone get triggered by it then they are not tough enough Did you at least notice the violence of the "Wish to deny" you were using? A *punch in the face for scientific purposes * Would have been clearer but that show you have huge bias against man.Believing strongly in the male are violent narrative Did you notice that the video were comic? you missed the mood and did misinterpret.......... and just used coercion now.... Pilgrim Threatening to punch someone first not a women specifically if you do mind what you write about equality therefore threatening to punch a man or a women is the same acoording to your writing Did not mean to travel to punch her to bring myself issue, you prove my point about women having more real power She is not a damsel in distress either and can defend herself Without your help as she already mentioned being able to defend herself You are projecting yourself in this I'm not specifically upset about the situation, I didn't live in the 50 or 60 while being male was easier, unlike you. Also "different race" Racism? See how easy it is to misinterpret and put out of context when one want it?
  10. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    " History is full of kick-ass women" " Every women aught be praised in my mind, regardless of action or in action. " " The subject presented by the OP is patriarchy, and in exploring patriarchy it is fitting to address ways in which it has been used to 'violate' another's free will. " "and beyond the inevitable conflicts about sex and money and taking out the trash " " Patriarchy is a societal/familial structure that seems able induce socio-cultural pressures. And if all you are commenting on is sex, and your personal preferences that is your own business.. " " In the U.S. a rape is reported every 6.5 minutes, there are numerous beatings, hospitalizations, and some murders. These would be rather clear examples imo. Perhaps you see it differently? Perhaps the women should have just been more appreciative of the man's leadership qualities, confidence and assertiveness? " "What do they need protection for? Physically stronger aggressive and abusive men?" People who conceal their weakness by projecting agression and "toughness"? " " Gratitude for the Mom's who build all the people... " Just some sentence (out of context) in the topic to show the overflowing gratitude for male patriarchy.This more importantly show what pop up in people mind when the words male come up I see oppresion of male and praise of women,this is not only is this topic but almost every time gender differences are adressed That is now a SYSTEMIC ISSUE
  11. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    According to the definition of fight to endure a punch is not a fight. At the very least not in sense of two people fighting each other Now in some twisted and unprecise use of the words fight, yes, it is fight. As much as kicking a wall is a fight. This can get funny I've already written why women have more real power I don't know why you can't seem to find it, it is below and above that claim "While you hold ever soo tightly to your construct, and wish to deny the individuals with PTSD their toughness, they endured, and continue to endure." YOU did impugn motive ("and wish to deny") completely out of context. in the context "Wish to deny" is even worse as there is some perfidious insinuations, letting people believe my construct was made to deny people with PTSD (maybe not what you meant but unfortunately it is what you did write) And very falsely. Why ptsd did come up already? Simply to show something measurable about toughness (here related to mental strength) I thought "it goes without saying" that not tough is fragileness and that fragileness could be shown by mental trouble. BUT it was even the opposite that was claimed aka "people who have ptsd are tougher" My construct is made to show my point and don't have any other motives. My mental construct is trying to understand the world Not trying to say something for its own sake or because I like it (But unfortunately of course I'm biased, like everyone) Some like truth some like tales (I like both but I avoid mixing them together)
  12. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    I mentioned in the beginning what you mentioned metaphorically tell about the rigid oak and the flexible pine (this come also in a tale by Jean de la fontaine) . Women do more depression and man do more suicide (thanks male patriarchy.....) Synonymes is not exactly the same, I know, so I wasn't speaking about fortitude "You were the one that brought fighting into the discussion " No I didn't brought fight in the discussion, enduring a punch from a boxer isn't a fight "Do explain" well it just a little above....... So it seems language and its meaning is difficult for everyone How relevant is mma fighting " in gratitude for male patriarchy"? Going to the specifics we lose what is essential yet again... Because we speak out of context (you expect someone to show all intrication an argument may have or something? Just to avoid being out of context. I'm not doing an essay here... ) Unfortunately writing is linear, it would be way clearer in a mind map that ufc fighting do not have a strong connection to gratitude for male patriarchy So someone has a resume of what was admitted so far or was it endless chattering since the beginning?
  13. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    "Wish to deny individuals with PTSD" calm down a little and read what I've written, being not so tough is not a form of denials, since when people are insulted because they aren't everything at the same time? Great sensitivity and toughness does not mix easily together Facing difficult situation require toughness but toughness won't come all of a sudden because they need it (that is wishful thinking) . People who have PTSD have higher chance on average to attempt suicide.So you claim that being tougher make you more likely to attempt suicide? In your definition of fortitude I choose the synonym fearlessness.plenty of studies have shown stronger amygdala reaction in females and stronger inhibition in males ON AVERAGE. Wait, I thought real power was the ability to avoid a fight " winning it" without having to fight it, and being dissuasive or getting along well with everyone works well (According to Sun ZE) In our society it can be argued that women have overall more real power. As seeking to fight (real fight not fun sparing) against a women is seeking trouble for yourself whether you" win "or" lose". Among men bulky type is often the most dissuasive as a lot believe they are stronger "Power reside where people believe it is in "
  14. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    PTSD has the words say occurs after a traumatic events, did they withstand it? I would they no Living with Ptsd require toughness,yes,and? In the definition of tough we have " Strong enough to withstand adverse situation" Now what is withstand? A quick look at Google give me "remain undamaged or unaffected by" So we have for definition " the ability to remain unaffected by adverse situation" If we use the definition "able to endure hardship of pain" We have yet to define endure, I find "suffer patiently" So, we have "able to suffer patiently in pain" . Women while in pain search for a solution this is not to "suffer patiently" this is a sign of emotional intelligence Men are more able to " suffer patiently in pain " because: 1)Some have been told to (social construct) 2) they lack emotional intelligence 3)martyr archetype 4) Stoicism and virtue (vir rooted viril) 5) male pain tend to be dismissed and mocked at 6) women feel more pain and therefore take more painkillers 7) testesteron appears to have an analgesic effect I don't know what mental strength, or what will is They are abstract to me
  15. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    I'm not very precise with my words as I'm French but I already did write about ptsd depression and physical strength difference to show my point that man are tougher on average but still, maybe I'm wrong or they are domain where it does not hold true I'll also debunk the "women have higher pain tolerance" myth en passant https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.labroots.com/trending/videos/11525/do-women-have-higher-pain-tolerance-than-men/amp I believe women have more patience though (close to tough etymologicaly speaking..)