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    Hello, it is nice to meet you all. A little about me, I am an aspiring fantasy novelist, though I hope by that admission I have not lost anyone's goodwill. What drew me to this forum was mostly its esoteric sections as I have a deep interest in esoteric philosophy, cosmology, and mythology, both personally and professionally. However I should say my interest is mostly academic, rather than practical. You could call me an armchair occultist, more concerned with the ideas behind the practices than with the practices themselves. Currently the focus of my studies is Western Occult thought, with specific emphasis on renaissance and classical Occult Philosophy. I do want to eventually move east though, since I have a huge interest in the history and cultures of India and China (The Romance of Three Kingdoms remains a treasured favorite of mine). Actually to be honest, you'd be hard pressed to find a culture I'm not interested in. A personal favorite activity of mine is to find parallels in the philosophies and mythologies of cultures from around the world.