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  1. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Not hating just considering it a rather weak end for the 7 season buildup and teasing. (Not regarding cinematography and music those where top notch) Pretty sure he doesn't yell go go go at the dragon. Sound closer to nooooo, no, no or just some screaming without meaning. If he saw Arya at that point why doesn't he display even the slightest gesture suggesting it? Not while he is cowered down and the dragon can't see him nor while he is screaming at the dragon. Even the subtitles don't say go. Why hide it in the sub if it's supposed to have meaning?
  2. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Hiding in a dragon skull without movement while two guys walk casually past the skull not even looking at it isn't really sneaky. Most would likely be able to do something like that. Running unseen past a couple white walkers is on a completely different level. She would have been dead at the end without help and they were just normal wights. There was also way more stuff to hide compared to later outside. Theon didn't receive a dire wolf. He isn't really one of the pack. How would "the pack survives" even fit to theon at that point? Arya got a little help here and there but the whole kill part was her and her alone. None of the other "wolves" did help her at that point. The way it is portrayed she could have killed the Night King at any moment anywhere by herself as long as she had a Valerian weapon and the Night King being on the ground. When Arya did attack him from behind his back was stronger guarded than any scene before with him on the ground. The White Walkers aren't in stand down. She runs past them. She pretty much took the most difficult path there was at that moment to attack the Night King.
  3. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    It's not so much about the Night King himself but him being surrounded with wights + his commander and her running past all of them. There is a good kind of having unpredictable plotlines and a bad one. The good one is where afterwards the viewer will say "oh yes all the hints were there all along". Building up a character for 7 seasons to shove in two or three episodes before the big moment a "oh by the way this person is also totally sneaky. We didn't go into this during her training or past but she totally is now." Isn't the good kind. No reason to show her preparing the face. And even if they had to there were enough scenes with her doing a bad job trying to sneak past a couple normal zombies in the castle. If they didn't want to use the face swap technique why not at least have the Night King busy fighting Jon or someone else and let her do the killing blow or let bran help with his warging skill and kill the Night King as a team. At least it would have been in the spirit of Neds quote how the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. But nope Arya does the kill as the lone wolf.
  4. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Hodor isn't a normal human. He is at that point already the result of the ripping of his timeline. There isn't enough information to say for certain if bran could or could not do the same with a normal person under normal circumstances. Her being a faceless man or not doesn't change things. She was trained as faceless and got her face swap skill from them. From whom did she get the silent sneaking skill? Why even spend so much time to build up the whole faceless story when she doesn't use it in the end?
  5. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    In the show he didn't warg into any person beside Hodor which was a special case. It suggests his ability wasn't that strong. Her doing it made sense but how she did it was bad. The whole faceless training and buildup went in a complete different direction. Being a master of silent kills was shoehorned in the last few episodes and doesn't really fit to how the faceless men operated or trained her.
  6. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Can you please mention which one those books are? Especially the neigong and neidan ones would interest me.
  7. Are you a Snowflake?

    Yes it was a serious question. I'm not from the US, didn't know what kind of censorship and what specific group would ask for that or why. Gen Z didn't help much with the search. Thank you for the link and clarification.
  8. Are you a Snowflake?

    Can you give a source to who exactly is asking for censorship, how many they are and what?
  9. Human Brains Shrinking for 30,000 Years

    There has been an increase of iq known as the flynn effect which seems to slow down or decrease again depending on country. This is from 2009: The Raven's data show that over the 65 years from circa 1942 to the present, taking ages 5–15 together, British school children have gained 14 IQ points for a rate of 0.216 points per year. However, since 1979, gains have declined with age and between the ages of 12–13 and 14–15, small gains turn into small losses. This is confirmed by Piagetian data and poses the possibility that the cognitive demands of teen-age subculture have been stagnant over perhaps the last 30 years.
  10. Human Brains Shrinking for 30,000 Years

    I see a lot jobs where a good brain is required. Scientists, mathematician, inventors, engineers and similar. Set humanity back into survival mode and see how many will be left able to solve complex mathematical problems. It certainly will be fewer with everyone busy surviving.
  11. Human Brains Shrinking for 30,000 Years

    Reducing what the brain allows to its size is misleading.
  12. More on Brexit

    The OP video has a couple of misinformations and misleading parts in it. The most ridiculous one being his claim about France having a guilty until proven innocent system and how that supposedly comes from the Napoleonic code and it being that way since Bonaparte. Thats wrong on so many levels.
  13. PK abilities - real or imaginary?

    We should if we discuss about it as we have to look at what they try to prove or claim. I don't agree here with the full part. The immune system isn't a simple stronger=better. There are quite a few problems and whole diseases related to overreactions of the immune system. What they did show is he was able to reduce the normal reaction and thus decrease the usual symptoms resulting from that. If this helps to beat a normal virus faster or more efficient we don't get from the video. They would have to do a different study in that direction. But for those with chronic symptoms resulting from a immune system overreaction this looks like a potential way to improve their situation. For someone like that it might be a way to improve how their immune system works.
  14. PK abilities - real or imaginary?

    Not at all. They talk about influencing the immune system which of course goes in both directions. As he says himself in the video the goal here was to suppress the normal immune system reaction.