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    From what I see in the post history it wasn't him who pulled this thread back from the grave. If no one wants to talk about experience there is nothing new to post. At least for users who are new to the topic posting such videos and quotes can be helpful. And how would any outsider here know about those?
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    Well he is mostly in defense mode but if he doesn't want to talk about private experience here thats his decision. At least he is posting occasionally videos and quotes in relation to Mo Pai. Whats the contribution of the others here in regards to Mo Pai discussion?
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    It's a two way street. In this thread it looks like MegaMind mostly just responds to others writing in his direction.
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    Ok, but then it's not really a readily available option to sort out practices like you did suggest.
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    They are common practices. If they would reliable produce results after a couple years (like suggested) some people would have success and some of those would start to talk about it more online. Others would read about their success and start practicing + discuss as a result thus create a growing community. Take lucid dreaming as an example. The reddit sub has 280k subscribers who discuss daily about their experiences with it. For the third eye on the other hand it's difficult to even find a real group which talks about results.
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    Practice recommendations from a search results are silence of mind, meditate, mantra, breath exercise, visualize, concentrate on middle of forehead and such. All quite common practices. If those were as reliable for opening the third eye as you suggest people with open third eyes would be quite common. There would be much more talk about results and what they see.
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    Like which one?
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    If ones goal really is just to have people looking up to you that could easily be achieved by just learning some magic tricks. Would take weeks or maybe a few months to produce it while also being able to do it how often one likes around others. This on the other hand takes decades with only a slim chance to even reach the necessary stage while likely having limited repetition capability between training. The high time and effort requirement is probably a good filter sorting out those you describe.
  10. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Not hating just considering it a rather weak end for the 7 season buildup and teasing. (Not regarding cinematography and music those where top notch) Pretty sure he doesn't yell go go go at the dragon. Sound closer to nooooo, no, no or just some screaming without meaning. If he saw Arya at that point why doesn't he display even the slightest gesture suggesting it? Not while he is cowered down and the dragon can't see him nor while he is screaming at the dragon. Even the subtitles don't say go. Why hide it in the sub if it's supposed to have meaning?
  11. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Hiding in a dragon skull without movement while two guys walk casually past the skull not even looking at it isn't really sneaky. Most would likely be able to do something like that. Running unseen past a couple white walkers is on a completely different level. She would have been dead at the end without help and they were just normal wights. There was also way more stuff to hide compared to later outside. Theon didn't receive a dire wolf. He isn't really one of the pack. How would "the pack survives" even fit to theon at that point? Arya got a little help here and there but the whole kill part was her and her alone. None of the other "wolves" did help her at that point. The way it is portrayed she could have killed the Night King at any moment anywhere by herself as long as she had a Valerian weapon and the Night King being on the ground. When Arya did attack him from behind his back was stronger guarded than any scene before with him on the ground. The White Walkers aren't in stand down. She runs past them. She pretty much took the most difficult path there was at that moment to attack the Night King.
  12. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    It's not so much about the Night King himself but him being surrounded with wights + his commander and her running past all of them. There is a good kind of having unpredictable plotlines and a bad one. The good one is where afterwards the viewer will say "oh yes all the hints were there all along". Building up a character for 7 seasons to shove in two or three episodes before the big moment a "oh by the way this person is also totally sneaky. We didn't go into this during her training or past but she totally is now." Isn't the good kind. No reason to show her preparing the face. And even if they had to there were enough scenes with her doing a bad job trying to sneak past a couple normal zombies in the castle. If they didn't want to use the face swap technique why not at least have the Night King busy fighting Jon or someone else and let her do the killing blow or let bran help with his warging skill and kill the Night King as a team. At least it would have been in the spirit of Neds quote how the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. But nope Arya does the kill as the lone wolf.
  13. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Hodor isn't a normal human. He is at that point already the result of the ripping of his timeline. There isn't enough information to say for certain if bran could or could not do the same with a normal person under normal circumstances. Her being a faceless man or not doesn't change things. She was trained as faceless and got her face swap skill from them. From whom did she get the silent sneaking skill? Why even spend so much time to build up the whole faceless story when she doesn't use it in the end?
  14. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    In the show he didn't warg into any person beside Hodor which was a special case. It suggests his ability wasn't that strong. Her doing it made sense but how she did it was bad. The whole faceless training and buildup went in a complete different direction. Being a master of silent kills was shoehorned in the last few episodes and doesn't really fit to how the faceless men operated or trained her.
  15. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Can you please mention which one those books are? Especially the neigong and neidan ones would interest me.