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  1. learning and growing

    That's great. One piece of advice for Chinese medicine: unless you speak Chinese very well, prepare to be confused, unless your TEACHER speaks English very well. Chinese medicine involves a lot of abstract concepts and descriptors that are very easily expressed in Chinese, but are a pain to fully translate into English. I speak Chinese as my primary language, and I *still* become confused whenever my Shifu starts talking about exactly WHY lobok is used for inflammatory conditions and "cooling" medicines.
  2. Hi, new tao bum here

    Whatever you do, treat others with respect and kindness, even those who "don't deserve it". I find that the common case of "apathy" isn't really the lack of feelings, it's just a self-imposed restraint on feelings. Begin expressing yourself more and more. It was hard for me, because I was so used to being silent and not-caring about things that I didn't really know what I thought about certain issues. At first you have to dig really hard, because you've subdued some of those emotions and thoughts for so long that you're used to them "not being there". It gets easier. I had a brief period where I was like that and it freaked my parents out because they thought I was in some sort of depression. Then again, I dunno how useful my advice is. After all, I'm barely 17. Let's wait for more replies.
  3. I'm new here...hi!

    I know that it's MY nature. I never had any doubt of this. It was just somewhat confusing because although homosexuality is present in the "greater Nature" (Other species, natural life, etc), it's a rather small minority. It's not exactly tormenting me, but it does nag me in the back of my skull every time I post something on Christian forums about Daoism.
  4. I'm new here...hi!

    Hi, everyone. I'm new to the forum. I've been interested/following in Dao for quite a while, and I am 16 now. The reason I put the "/" there is because often, people are following the principles of Daoism and don't even realize it. I am homosexual, although not openly. Not in real life, anyway, since I have yet to work up the guts to tell my friends at school. In fact, I just came out to my parents less than 3 weeks ago. I'm just rather confused because Daoism emphasizes the natural flow of things, while homosexuality goes against the "natural" process of reproduction. It's something that's been on my mind for a while. Anyway, let's not bog ourselves down with the unhappy stuff. Advice, words of wisdom, anything would be appreciated to a newb such as me.