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  1. Bindu

    Thank you Phosphorose, I appreciate the hints. I think that the Jade Pillow, or Mouth of God, is what I was really looking for. That's where the second birth, that of the second man, happens. Is that correct? What's the purpose of this life after?
  2. Shortcut to enlightenment

    Yes, when you don't need your ego anymore, you will find it. Until then, be patient.
  3. I'm guessing that the difference is related with the endurance of the experience of 'Light'. Awakened beings have experienced it at least once, or from time to time, but always go back behind the bars. Enlightened beings experience it permanently, there is no time.
  4. Hello from Ireland

    Hello Dioni. How is life in Yorkshire?
  5. Hello from Ireland

    Right. Sorry for that.
  6. Hello from Ireland

    Yes! Do you live in Ireland too? To know the Happy Pear you can't be far away.
  7. Hello from Ireland

    @OldAngel - It is a king of yoga. Take a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kriya_Yoga. I think there are similarities with Qigong meditattion.
  8. Bindu

    Is anybody familiar with the bindu chakra, or bindu visarga? Seems very hard to find information about that. Is it maybe a hidden secret? Is it the same as the 10th gate of the Siths? The hindus call it 'shivarandhra', what sounds like a kind of hint. Is it the gate to immortality? Just in case, I'm talking about what in the West is better known as posterior fontanelle, and in Chinese medicine I believe is acupoint GV 19. Looking to know if anybody has any experience related with the bindu chakra or knows any source of detailed information about.
  9. Hello from Ireland

    Thank you guys for the welcoming. @C T - I live in Co. Wicklow.
  10. Hello from Ireland

    Hi all, I have a high interest in Taoist internal alchemy, but arrived here following my interest in Krija. Are both closely related? Vlas