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  1. Dantien- breathwork- increased body temperature

    Hi Kar3n I completely agree with what you said. That very practice has led me to this door. However, I think within any advanced subject or topic of interest. Research, information, and technique really helps to develop mind set prior to the meditation. Once I'm in then I will leave expectation behind because every experience is different for any person. If I expect an outcome then I'm not allowing others. I'm very excited to work on this. Thanks again for the reminder.
  2. Dantien- breathwork- increased body temperature

    Hi Thank you for your reply. He is an incredible source. I'm a huge fan of Mr Hof. I've experimented with his techniques in the past which definately give results, thats been proven. Yet, when I attempt I don't understand the trigger or access point to increase and eventually regulate the increased thermal activities. I suppose it could be that I've not done it enough to recognize the areas where you have opportunity to put the process in motion. When you watch videos of Mr Hof he doesn't continue his deep breathing the entire time hes in an ice bath or climbing mountains in his shorts. So my question would be more along the lines of where to put the mind and focus to initiate and maintain results like he is able too.
  3. Greetings I'm trying to find some information on how to increase the temperature of the body through meditation and breathwork? Or is anyone able to accomplish this that could give instruction on the process? First time post. Im looking forward to using this site. Its got alot of good information from what I've seen. thanks