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  1. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    Michael - I have accepted that my life might change and all risks associated with the process. I do not view it as an escape I view it as the way forward. I will check that out, Thanks for the advice! OldWolf - Thanks for all the help! I will definetly start to practice and as much as possible (without burning out of course (; ). Thanks everyone! You are what makes this forum so great! May your resolve be unyielding in your quest, whatever may it be.
  2. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    Thanks! Also, have you ever done Da Mo's cave exercise? Its in path notes. If you have, I would love to hear your experiences as that one seems awesome! Cheers.
  3. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    Ok. I was asking cause a lot of practices seem to start with filling up the dan tian and then moving the energy to wherever suits their purpose. But yeah, I will start practicing with the material from path notes and then do some pranayama as well. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    I will definetly start ASAP on the basics. I also had an idea. Since kundalini is yang, couldn't you use part of its energy to fill the LDT? Or something similar. And if it were possible, would it weaken the rest of the kundalini?
  5. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    I will definetly check it out. Do you have any recommendations for energy developement other than kundalini? I was trying to avoid saying it, because of the amount of bad rap it gets around here because of the people discussing it but mo pai seems to develop energy quite well. Do you know any other systems which are similar? In the purpose/effect. Thank you (Pleaee please please don't beat me up for mentioning mo pai (; )
  6. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    Yeah, but I feel I have wasted enough time and should start somewhere and this seems as good a place as any. Any other recommendation?
  7. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    In all seriousness, I am fully commited to doing this (this being energy work and self development). I have accepted the risks and possibilities. I do not strive for mediocrity. Its either be great or die trying. Id rather die than be mediocre. So yes I am sure.
  8. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    I'm reading path notes, will probably read the other two if I can get my hands on them. I was reading the website and thought about doing a course but then I saw the prices and.... yeah. If they had a workshop where I live (Portugal) I would immediatly go. Is it possible to practice with the books only or should I try to take the classes?
  9. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    Thanks a lot. If you happen to see this though and have time to answer(if you don't thats okay): what do you mean by sensate knowledge over the intellectual? And do you think I need the course from the website or are the books enough?
  10. Path Notes of an american ninja master

    Thanks! Can you recommend some similar books? Also, what is the name of the rest of the books in the series? He mentionsthe second and third books but doesnt name them.
  11. Hi guys! I've been reading glen morris's book and I just wanted to check with you the accuracy of what he says, ask for some book recommendation (similar things, energy development, etc). Thanks for your time.
  12. Hello fellow travellers

    I'm mostly interested in self development of energy (for example kundalini, and chi gong/nei dan). Also in enlightenment practices as I feel the basis is similar (meditation and self-mastery).
  13. Hello fellow travellers

    Hello fellow travellers of the one path that goes by many names. I hope to have a great stay here! A little about me: I'm portuguese. I'm open-minded. I'm very interested in energy work as an extension/facet of self development/improvement. If you have any further questions about me or anything I will try my very best to answer them. If you just want to talk, I'm here also. Strength in your travels, Gustavo aka J0urn3y