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  1. Thanks again for your comments, you've given me some things to think about and reflect on in my own practice. From my naive understanding, the balance of li and jin in energy work seems to have a long history in taijiquan and other styles of kungfu, and the use of stone locks, balls and other weight devices have been reviewed by others over the years. My understanding of using a 'material' ball is with an aim of eventually not holding a 'ball', while holding a 'ball'. Perhaps though, I'm digressing from the original intention of this thread.
  2. Thank you for your comment. Can you help me understand this a bit more.
  3. At risk of derailing this thread (apologies in advance) - I'm wondering what others' thoughts are about the use of a real ball to help circulate/generate energy as in this video clip. Not sure if it's relevant to the "Direct/Indirect" method discussion though: I'm told that there is a history of using wooden, metal, stone and animal bladders filled with e.g. soy beans etc., as balls for energy training and as there are a significant number of acupuncture points in the hands, it is said to be beneficial for the body's systems as well as energy. Disclaimer: the person in the clip is my good friend and teacher.
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    Hello, thanks for the invitation to join in. I'm interested in learning about some of the rarer styles of taijiquan and their internal aspects as I'm currently learning a style that I've not seen in videos or read about anywhere. Maybe not surprising though as I've read that there are estimated to be at least approx 80 or so styles of taijiquan in China that are described as "rare" or "little known". Cheers